SURPLUSgoodies and Lot 57 Supplies Add Another Square to the Proverbial Pegs

When it comes to blank canvases, none are currently more appealing than Auto World’s ubiquitous Square Body Chevrolets. A quick browse on shows there are 122 releases, including standard and Hobby Exclusives, and it doesn’t look like that total is staying stationary for too long. As the saying goes, a rolling Square grows no moss.

For Muddin’ USA’s first release (there are more planned), Jimmy at SURPLUSgoodies paired up with Lot 57 Supplies to bring you the first version that looks as if it was drug through the mud prior to being packaged. Jimmy is no stranger to the weathering look, so it’s no surprise the dirt spattering on the 1983 Silverado K10 Fleetside looks realistic. However, the fender badging is curiously clean. There is even a tan painted chassis and tires that are dipped in brown for full authenticity. From what I can see from the gallery, this is a first on both touches.

Up front, the recently tooled cowl hood finishes off an exterior that has a familiar vibe yet its own identity at the same time. So far, it’s only been fitted to SG’s trucks. It will photograph nicely with 2022’s Premium Release 1A.

With only 2,496 being released, it’s sufficiently limited when compared to its contemporaries while mainstream offerings have eclipsed 15k. There are 104 Ultra Reds and feature, besides the deep red paint, a red interior, red tires and red painted chassis. If you’re a chase collector it’s a sharp piece.

Head over to either eBay store (SURPLUSgoodies or Lot 57 Supplies) to grab yours and/or to bid on the URs. And if you haven’t grabbed the previously released From Towing It To Showing It, either, now’s the time to fill out your ranks of SURPLUSgoodies releases.

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