New casting alert ! Nissan Skyline 2000 RS-X Turbo (DR30), by Inno64

Inno64 continues to build the Skyline history and we can thank them for that. The rhythm of the issues is very intensive and after the new R34 and R31 molds, let me introduce you the R30.

The R30 is a model from the 80’s, produced from 1981 to 1985. There were as usual many variations and levels, but the 2000 RS-X Turbo was definitely among the most powerful versions back in time (2L, up to 205 hp).

I was very excited by the announcements of the model and I must admit I’m a tad disappointed. Let me explain why. The previous models of the Skyline are very good models (R31, R32, R34). The brand managed to correct the too big wheels of the first R32 releases, and now the models are near perfection. As I said in my previous articles, the R34 is a masterpiece, and the R31 is also a very nice reduction. So, we could expect a good R30. Is it the case ? I’m not sure. I think the casting is overall correct, and better than many other 1/64 brands, but it could have been better. Let’s have a positive / negative points for the analysis of the casting.

On the positive aspects, as usual the car is very neat without major problems of quality, the paint is good. The car gets many details as usual such as antennas, mirrors, super detailed wheels (for the red one at least), fine exhaust, separated pieces for the lights. It must be noted that the treatment of the interior has been particularly treated with care.

The rear spoiler on the red version is also very well encrusted. This is a key point of Inno64 and their factory : they are precise.

On the negative aspects, I can observe that the chrome around the glaces is way too thick. This is the aspect that bother me the most on this R30. Then, I think that the mold could have been a little bit higher in this particular area, with higher glaces (= a higher roof). That’s maybe just me, but I think the R30 is a bit higher than this. I also can observe that Inno64 is able to make more fine antennas ; again, it’s a bit thick. Finally, I do think that the wheels of the white one are too flats. This is not making the model at all.

In the end, don’t get me wrong : the casting is overall a good casting, but it has disappointed me a bit because I was expecting a lot from this one. I know that many of you will be totally pleased with the casting, and you may be right. I am demanding, and I think that my role by presenting new models for you from Inno64 is also to be honest. I also know that Fransisco from Inno64 is particularly pleased with point of views and honest opinions about Inno64 products. I know for example that some of the problems that I pointed up there will be understood and that everything will be tried to correct them.

You can find many Skyline DR30 on eBay (link here).
I do prefer the red version better than the white one and I wonder what will be the future of this casting. What I’m sure is that I am very willing to see the highly probable R33, and then some KPGC10 and 110. Bring that dynasty!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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