The last Cossie from the Inno brand, in black

Your voted best Inno64 model of 2021 is coming back in black in the mainline. After two street versions that were absolutely stunning models (moonstone blue and white), the third street version of the Cossie is wearing black. When the hell a grey version will come ?

This black Sierra RS500 Cosworth is on a black base, and yes I will repeat it again, why why why not a transparent base … The car is coming with an additional set of wheels that I decided to put on, for once. They are dark grey OZ wheels that I instantly wanted to put on for a change. Remark : the axles given with the extra wheels are a bit shorter than the axles already on the car. That’s no big deal, you just have to use them to be perfectly aligned with your new tires.

Obviously a black car doesn’t offer you the opportunity to admire the very well sculpted lines of the mold. Though the white trim along the side is a very well done detail.

As a conclusion, this version is a must have for any Cossie fan, like me, or just a black recolor for others. I hope to see a grey version in the next releases, and many more racing versions. I think it is time now to have some rally versions.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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