The wait is over : Nissan Primera P10 street versions by Inno64

They are available. Finally, the super awaited Nissan Primera P10 are out, and available at your favorite reseller. Both in grey, both stunning models. You don’t have the space or the money to afford 1/18 Ignition models ? That’s convenient because the nerds at Inno64 have made such a good replica of the P10 that you almost have an 1/18 model reduced in 1/64.

Obviously, I’m overplaying but the spirit is correct. Street Inno64 models are in that Ignition Models 1/18 aftermarket look. Wheels are different, exhausts are in devil mode, cars are a bit lowered … what a look. And what a price, when you consider that an Ignition model in 1/64 is at least twice the price of a Inno model, and even around €100 for resin models ? What’s this joke ?

Back to our P10, one in silver with lace gold wheels and one in gun metal grey with white five spokes wheels. Which one is my favorite ? Both. Or maybe the silver, just for the wheels. Those two P10 are the first street versions, but the 4th and 5th variations of the model itself, that made its great debut for the Macau 2020 special set, in dark green livery. Then followed the test car Primera in white and the blue Calsonic. All of them are pure gems. Inno64 really mastered this casting that is a very hard car to reduce, due to the lines of the car. The rear window can be a drama if you don’t master your design and your mold. Plus, the pillars are very fine and satisfying, such as the stance. Oh, the car doesn’t roll. ALL THE BETTER! The stance is way better, such as the slightly retracted wheels into the wheels arches. The chassis are plastic on those two.

The previous three racing versions of the P10
A look of BMW, eh ?

I cannot advice you enough to jump on these. Don’t be fooled by silly Japanese eBay seller, a good Inno64 model is somewhere between 20 and 30$. You can find them via this eBay link.

They surely are among my favorite Inno models. They perfectly fit with what I adore with this brand. I’m in the wait for BTTC models now, and I know a lot of you will not complain about that.

Stay tuned for more Inno64 reviews!


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  1. Ah, the old Inno thing of not changing the castings stance to a street height from the race car and trying to pass it off as “stanced”..

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