A pair of colorful Celica 1600 GT(V) by Inno64

Inno64 is spoiling us with two more colors of the Toyota Celica 1600GT and GTV in a superb aqua blue and dark metallic green. The are the 3rd and 4th versions so far.

The blue one is my favorite and it’s easy to understand why : look at this aqua blue! I’m in LOVE with that paint job. I also adore those tiny sporty aftermarket look gold rims, that really make the model. The car is low, tiny, detailed, a roller and get it’s metal base for those who are wondering.

Chrome details everywhere, super impressive details of the wipers, mirrors (…), transparent pieces for the headlights … you name it. The Toyota Celica 1600 is the first Inno car to get a suspension system, that is a little useless in my opinion. It was more relevant on the previous yellow version, being less low. But, it’s a positive feature that again, you have for a really affordable price. Inno64 is really a serious contestant and this model will for sure have its place for the 1:64 tournament at the end of the year.

The second version is the 1600 GTV (I actually did not know what the V was standing for, and it’s a version of the Celica with different interior and suspension), in a very beautiful dark green metallic robe with a luggage. This car looks so 70’s and is so adorable. This version looks a tad less sporty but nonetheless is in the Inno64 spirit. It’s low, detailed and gets variations from the other version : grey 4 spokes wheels, luggage (with a rack), GTV details on the front grill and rear … You always have to spot the differences !

Both cars are displayed on a white baseplate which is COOL and well contrast if you like to display your Inno models with it, like me. You can find some on eBay (still) easily.

All in all, I am positive that the aqua blue is a hit. It reminds me my all time favorite Autoworld : the mustang fastback in aqua blue. I truly think that wheels, rims, disks can make or break a model. In second position comes the paint. Is it metallic ? deep enough ? not too thick ? On Inno64 models, the paint job is very good (maybe a tad less on white cars though). Tomica Limited Vintage is unbeatable, and AutoWorld is very close. Oh, 3 brands of 1:64 I collect.


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