SURPLUSgoodies’ From Towing It To Showing It Series Continues to Find Derelict Square Bodies

Someone call the Wayne Carini of diecast hunting! The fourth barn find was found and it wasn’t long before it was sent off for a full restoration. The Kentucky ‘Casper,’ a 1974 Chevy Silverado C10, was dragged from the doldrums that was fixing to be its fate, only to be given a second chance at an automotive existence. This friendly Square features a cowl hood and is sat down on a lowered chassis with some fancy shoes finishing the look. 

The Kentucky release joins three previously found barn finds from Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. When asked how they chose the next state to hunt in, Jimmy stated they just talk it over and decide. Not much insight folks, sorry, ha! I wonder what a New Jersey barn find would look like? One pulled from an alley in Newark, riddled with bullet holes and four flat tires? Or maybe abandoned in the Pine Barrens, with barred owls living rent-free in the velour-lined cabin. One can dream…

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 The successful From Towing It To Showing It series started from the minds of Wyatt Davis (AWCollector) and Jimmy Vicino (SURPLUSgoodies) and was initially released in October 2020 with the Mississippi Square. The 1973 Fleetside was the go-to casting for hobby exclusives at the time and the diecast duo didn’t disappoint. This was the one and only time the barn find found itself with stock wheels, too, mind you.

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The next relic to be released from its eternal slumber was located in Georgia. The red and silver 1979 Silverado Fleetside was curiously parked for Heaven knows how long sporting the show-stopping rollers it was restored with. The body rot was removed and shiny and sparkly silver paint was reapplied, including the secondary red. It’s a looker, that’s for sure.

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Jimmy and a new hunting partner, Diecast Products and More, crossed over into Alabama for the third release. The black and grey 1975 Silverado Fleetside not only polished the patina right out of the Square Body, but it also introduced the new cowl hood tooling for all to ogle over. And not sure if you can see it in the images, but they tossed the tired grey interior and replaced it with some new black bits. I’m not usually a fan of black vehicles, knowing firsthand just how hard they are to keep clean, but man, this might be my favorite of the bunch.

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Getting back to the fourth release, it was yet another burgeoning relationship, this time between Jimmy and Tim at LBE Diecast. I have a feeling they’re going to be pulling out more of these long forgotten Squares from places around the country. 

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