Quick Look: HW Bone Shaker From Decide Your Ride 5 Pack

HW Racing deco in alternate red!

Sometimes, random Hot Wheels basic releases end up suddenly going for rather big bucks on the aftermarket. The 2013 Decide Your Ride 5 pack is one of these, for some bizarre reason. I honestly have no clue why. These things were PLENTIFUL locally, but from what I’ve read they weren’t wide spread across the US. The prices this set brings 9 years after release is mind-boggling (seriously, look what these things are going for). This car right here, I feel is the big reason it somehow brings that now.

Being the Bone Shaker, a collector favorite since it debuted in 2006, I imagine that’s the main reason why. On top of this being the original tool, being still open roof and metal base. For set collectors, this might be the last one someone needs to find with this deco style, as it got released in blue (normal), black (Walmart exclusive) and yellow (mystery packs, and Kroger exclusive when carded). The pack seems to have suffered from distribution issues. As mentioned, these were EVERYWHERE locally. Walmarts couldn’t give them away for a long time, so it never dawned on me to maybe get one to pack away for a rainy day. Oh well…

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  1. I was rather unlucky with this. Friend of mine sent me it, plus the even rarer white pack exclusive with blue interior to an old address. I couldn’t get to the old place and find out if it was delivered. So I lost 2 really lovely rare models, because he assumed I still lived there and I didn’t know he was sending them as a surprise. I have this DYR but it needs some serious cosmetic restoration

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