Lamley Daily: Corgi Mercedes Sprinter Ocado Van

Model: Corgi Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Ocado Van

Release: Plum

eBay link: Corgi Ocado Van

Why I’m featuring it: I’m always a fan of licensed models of vehicles we see on the road all the time. Delivery vans and trucks in authentic decos were once a staple of Matchbox, Corgi and more, but these days they are thin on the ground in the major toy car ranges.

I received this Mercedes-Benz Sprinter model in trade from a friend (thanks Nick!). I no longer live in the UK but with a fleet of around 1,700 vans for its online grocery delivery business, Ocado vehicles are a familiar sight, as witnessed on a recent trip home. Colourful, specially adapted Sprinter vans make up the bulk of Ocado’s fleet.

Photo credit: Doug Peters/PA Wire

The model shown here is produced by Corgi and can be delivered to UK customers through the usual Ocado online portal. You’ll also find them resold on eBay. Five different colours are available, as below, reflective of the real-world vans.

Screenshot from Ocado website

Mine is the ‘Plum’ version, with a purple box and an appropriately fruity design!

The Corgi Sprinter measures 95mm long (about 3.75in), which puts the scale at around 1:70. For size comparison purposes, here it is with the familiar Matchbox Volvo container truck, this time from an old Co-op tea promotion.

(find Matchbox Volvo truck on eBay)

There’s good detailing all around, including door mirrors and rubber tires. Best of all, the rear doors open to reveal a panel of the totes that Ocado uses to pack grocery orders!

I believe there was an earlier, silver-painted version of this model that also featured a pull-back motor, but the current one just rolls normally, even though the motor’s bulge in the base remains.

To finish, here’s are a few grocery-themed delivery trucks together: Matchbox Convoy Mack CH600 in Safeway colours; a Majorette promotional for Jersey Dairy; and the Matchbox container truck.

(find Corgi Ocado Van on eBay)

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2 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Corgi Mercedes Sprinter Ocado Van”

  1. Wow!… What a lovely little corgi sprinter van.
    Everyday vehicles seen about.
    The Volvo co op truck I remember getting in the early 90s in the Great Yarmouth branch.
    Strange I just treated myself to a lledo version Volvo cab Safeway articulated truck from a local collector’s shop.
    Real brands and real vehicles I would love to see more of for toys for children/collector’s for everyday sale.
    Thank you 👍

    1. It’s a shame Corgi dropped their small scale Built For Life range which had so much potential. I’m sick to death of seeing so many nasty generic diecasts fill our shelves, the UKs own HTI company being the worst culprit!

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