The Ruf CTR2 is Para64’s Second Act We Deserve

The end of my write-up on Para64’s incredible Ruf CTR suggested the possibility of future models with the brand, given they now possessed the license. I also pondered what would have the strength to follow the CTR “Yellowbird,” arguably the most famous Ruf of them all. Well, now we know.

I recently received the CTR2 in both Blossom yellow and silver, because who can choose just one, and couldn’t be happier with the second act. The 993 is hands-down my favorite Porsche 911 and the CTR2 brings me back to my time ripping around a digital Laguna Seca in Gran Turismo 2. That reminds me, I really need to fire up my PS1.

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Anyway, I encourage you to read my piece on the OG CTR HERE at your leisure. May it entice you to add one to your collection if it’s missing from your life. But back to the CTR2.

The scale and proportions appear accurate and I don’t doubt that Para64 has gone to great lengths to ensure it is. The only comparison I have is a Kyosho 993 Turbo (in Arena red, the best color) and when placed next to the Ruf, it seems slightly cartoonish, as many contemporary Kyoshos do.

The rear spoiler, a key characteristic of the CTR2, is well crafted and all the Ruf body cues are present and accounted for. The mirrors even have a reflective material added to the shiny side for an extra dose of realism!

The post for the jeweled headlights is cleverly placed towards the top to recreate the appearance of the projector lens, however one on my yellow model wasn’t fully glued in so there is a discernible gap on the inner edge that’s amplified with macro photography. The side markers could benefit from a dab of color. And there is something off about the rear light cluster that I can’t put my finger on, but it looks almost lipstick-ish when viewed from above. I think it has to do with either the rear bumper not sticking out enough or the lights themselves not being set in to the body enough. 

The wheels are the monoblock 5-spokes found on many Ruf models. Ironically enough, instead of being too large like I mentioned about the Yellowbird’s, I think these are a tad too small, with the spokes not being long enough to taper into the thinness of the 1:1. I’m probably just unfamiliar with manufacturing limitations and should understand and recognize the value that Para64 packs into each model. 

Regardless, I’m once again picking nits because overall the car is well done. Para64 has a knack for successfully identifying a vehicle that hasn’t been done (or overdone) in 1/64 scale and bringing forth all their glory on a smaller scale. Their CTR2 can hold its own in a sea of pop-up boutique manufacturers that most certainly do not possess any licenses for their subject matter, let alone the blessing of the 1:1 maker. Whether you’re a casual collector or a diehard diecaster, the effort involved in recreating something to a standard needs to be celebrated.

Once again a sense of wonder enters my mind – now what’s going to follow up the two CTRs? I would like to see a 964-based BTR at some point, or maybe even a newer RTurbo. Whatever the brains at Para64 decide, I’m positive they will pay it the utmost respect in design and execution.

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  1. I agree this is great and you have to look for minor faults to find them. I will buy all they release. I would like to see a few of the other RUF models. But also A 993 Turbo would be amazing if done by them. The Kyosho is good but in the 10 or so years since they did it, the bar has been raised.

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