Para64 Is Pumping Up the Jams for 2022’s Release 2

Para64, a brand most of you probably learned about after their Ruf CTR captured the 64-Car Royal Rumble Tournament back in January, is readying their 2022 Release 2 models. We have the privilege of previewing those very cars here, thanks to Adrian Poon of Para64. While there are no new toolings this time around, the familiar cast of characters is redressed in some very fashionable colors, including some really striking factory hues.

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600 returns for the fifth and sixth color releases, this time splitting it between one two-tone and one solid color. While it’s only listed as ‘red’ in the press photos, Para64 is known for using factory colors. The accuracy of Mercedes’ paint names must only be important to them in their brochures and advertising, as they’re not keen on allowing usage to licensees. That said, this most closely resembles the designo Cardinal Red metallic. The black [Obsidian] over [Polar] white version is classy, but also makes me crave those delicious, similarly-colored cookies from bakeries of my youth. Mmmaybach.

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The G80 M3 is a lot to take in when looking at it directly from the front. However, the darker Twilight Purple and Skyscraper Grey work wonders for the gawking grille, and the metallic coloring highlights the numerous curves in a pleasant way. I’ve yet to add any of the previous releases to my collection, so I can’t comment on what appears to be a stilted stance, but it seems these two new ones have leveled out the rear wheel gap. Considering the amount of customizers replace the factory wheels and tweak the suspension anyway, I’m sure this isn’t a dealbreaker. And just look at that purple again. Marvelous.

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The Audi RS e-tron GT is a casting I was looking forward to since its announcement. I have the Tango Red one on order, but the two newest colors are back-to-back grand slams. Flat grays seem to be the hot ticket these days, with nearly every manufacturer offering some iteration of it. However, I believe Audi was the OG with their Nimbus gray, a color that found its way to many a VW repaint (here’s looking at you, 1552 Project X). So it’s fitting to see Para64 release one in Kemora Grey along with Tactical Green. Both colors really pop, especially with the black accents and silver/black wheels. 

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Para64’s relationship with Ruf is one I fully endorse, with their follow-up CTR2 easily being a Top 10 in 2022 for me. The premiere releases in Blossom Yellow and silver were a perfect foundation for the second act – Guards Red and black. They only built 16 CTR2s and browsing Google images shows only those four aforementioned colors – sadly I couldn’t find one slathered in Arena Red. Regardless, with the addition of these and the upcoming CTR recolors, they will make for some great pairing pictures. Look for a full CTR2 post in the near future.

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So, now that we have those out of the way, who is ready to add a few more pieces to their Para64 puzzle? The brand has been selecting some really great models to miniaturize, and with a price point lower than most other premium offerings, they’re an affordable way to expand your collection while not breaking your budget. With a casting bank already filled with race cars, SUVs, sedans, sports cars and EVs, we can’t wait to see what roads Para64 will travel down next.

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  1. Nice looking casts, but none of these particular models interest me. I’ve recently been doing a purge of collectibles, and decided that for die cast I’m going to focus on 1:64 Le Mans racers. I’ve got a few from the 70’s and I’m working on my 90’s race cars from various brands.

    1. Hey, that’s not a bad focus for a diecast collection! And even better in 1/64, as those larger 1/43s could really get out of control, ha.


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