Lamley Daily: Double GLM Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000

Model: Double GLM Unimog U5000 Where you can buy: There are quite a few on ebay You metal lovers are gonna like this. Full-metal body plus rubber tires. The size of these things is enormous, and the weight is good too. And if you put these two together…you’ll have your own Panzerkampfwagen Mercedes-Benz: Hope you […]

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The other 1/64 Unimog – the Schuco 604 Series

For all the praise Mattel rightfully received for the brilliant Hot Wheels Unimog 1300 castings they released in 2018, it may have been easy to miss the other Unimog that appeared around the same time: Schuco’s amazing 604 Series. Trying not to use too much hyperbole is a skill in writing articles, and I think […]

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