Willdiecast top 10 new models for 2021!

This is my turn to show you my selection of favorite new models for 2021. This selection is a good representation of where my collection is going : focused. I’m only collecting some brand in 1/64 scale now, and they are Inno64, Tomica Limited Vintage, AutoWorld and Mini GT (not all models, kits and LB things is no thank you). I am very privileged with my relationship with Inno64, that is growing, and I like to discuss many things with Fransisco. It couldn’t have been a better story : being able to feature models I like with people that are motivated by passion, and very nice. I’m happy with it.

Tomica Limited Vintage is obviously an older collection of mine, that I truly love too. It hasn’t grown up that much, I’m approaching 225 models. Space issues …

AutoWorld has been one of my favorite brands to collect, but the path they are taking the last few years is not my cup of tea anymore. I don’t like modern cars from AutoWorld and i would love them to focus on old American classic cars. So, few have been added to my collection, and none is in this top 10.

Finally, Mini GT is a serious brand in the 1/64 landscape now, and I can adore the models as far as I can hate them. I am including a Porsche in this top 10, being to me one of my favorite 1/64 models of the year.

So here are the models, that I’ve decided not to rank from 10 to 1. They are randomly featured above. I love them all !

Tomica Limited Vintage (TLV) brought back the Ferrari in 2021, and I’ve already written on this blog (article here) that this Ferrari 412 is a total must have. There is not doubt the 412 is ending in my top 10, and please vote for this one in the Lamley tournament! The color is amazing, the casting is a clever idea, the red interior is perfect. This is sick. I bought all my Tomica Limited Vintage at Japan Booster, an old Lamley partner whose seriousness and quality of service is amazing.

This second Ferrari is hitting my top 10 too, and it was in the category “good surprises” when I received it. I wasn’t expecting too much, having the Kyosho 1/64 in my collection, but I must facing the truth : Kyosho are getting old. I particularly love the front grill on this red 328.

I love street cars, I love sedans, I love how TLV is treating them. I instantly love the Toyota Chaser when they announced it, and I went for this second release with lace wheels and silver paint. I can’t be more happy when TLV decides to tool 80’s or 90’s sedans.

In a pure Ayrton Senna’s spirit, the brand also tooled a very nice replica of the Honda NSX that I appreciate in a very standard stock look, in red. I could have gone with the orange Type-R but I’m faithful to TLV strict stock cars.

Finally with TLV, the Nissan 180 SX is hitting my top 10. The car is low, is detailed and is a so 90’s icon that I couldn’t pass on it. I prefer the white color, contrasting with the black roof.

Looking at Inno64, I’ve made a selection of 4 models including the too cool new casting of the Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 in blue. This 4×4 looks so nice. I hope to see color variations soon. The QC of Inno64 and the amazing amount of details you get for the price is just insane.

Freshly introduced in the latest Macau Grand Prix set, the Toyota Celica 1600 GT is also a model that I wanted to be here. I am sure that better versions and improved suspension system will be done in the future, but this 70’s icon is really a nice minicar.

Of course, of course, the so desirable Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth HAD to be in my top 10. My most anticipated model of the year, and a model that I helped the brand to do, in a way. I went with the moonstone blue, that is totally insane. The white street version is also a must have, and 4 versions of the racing Sierra are available. See eBay listings.

Finally with Inno64, a very good surprise made a discreet entry with the Nissan Skyline R34. It started with a Falken livery that, in my opinion, did not reveal the potential of the mold. This black Nismo version is just a big “wow” in the face. The details are super nice, and the car rolls. I’m in the wait for the blue version just made recently.

To close this 2021 top 10 models, let’s finish with a single model from Mini GT, with the Porsche Taycan in blue. I knew since its announcement that this car would please me. And it is. I love the wheels, I love the color, I love the mold. I don’t particularly love electric cars, but I love Porsche and I love that Mini GT tools modern cars. I have the white version but for me, the light blue is better.

What 2022 will bring us ? Maybe a lot of goodies too, and I already can tell you that Inno64 is ready to step their game with lots of crazy cool models. TLV new announcements are various for my appetite, AutoWorld too. For now, I would bring the 412 TLV, blue Taycan Mini GT and Inno64 Sierra RS500 Cosworth on a desert island …

See you soon for more reviews !


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