The 2021 Macau Grand Prix set by Inno64, introducing a new model : Toyota Celica 1600GT

Inno64 hits again with a special run of 6 cars for the home race : Macau Grand Prix ! This year is still a bit special, due to pandemic restrictions, and visitors are not allowed in the former colony. Still no Macau GT race, less drivers and, let’s be honest, less enthusiasm. The brand is still motivated to offer some special models for the event, and here they are, introducing a brand new casting : the Toyota Celica 1600 GT. The set also includes 2 racing versions of the very new and sought after Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth.

While previous years Macau Specials sets included a display case, this year’s doesn’t. The 6 cars are sold individually. The packaging is still special and features a Macau GP 2021 Special Edition design, such as the base. It gets touches of yellow and black, like the colors of the race elements. As always with Inno64, you can find the models easily on eBay even if they are special models, without bankrupting.

The models are the following :

  • Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth #8 Watson’s
  • Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth #18 G2000
  • Toyota Celica 1600 GT #24 Crown Motors Racing Team
  • Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 #5 Unisia Jecs
  • Honda Civic Si E-AT #24 Cabin
  • Honda Accord Euro-R CL7 #66 N.Technology

The Ford Sierra are surely among the highlights of the set. I’ve made a long article about this new casting introduced some weeks ago, and how the casting is lovely and desirable. I’m not surprised at all to see those 2 racing liveries, being iconic. And it is a perfect event to launch them. The #8 from Tim Harvey is the Macau Guia 1989 winner in a Watson’s water livery, and the G2000 is the Andy Rouse 1988 3rd place. I have these 2 liveries in my Spark 1/43 resin collection, and had made and article about it. I must say that the details for a 1/64 replica are very correct, and also for the price. The Watson’s livery has this quite difficult tampo in a kind of wave on the rear of the car such as in the window. Inno64 did well on this detail point.

The G2000 version is more special, as the white/blue decoration cuts the lines of the car. Thought, it’s like the 1:1 version. Both versions sports the racing interior and very detailed wheels. They are must haves for any Ford Sierra collectors, of Macau fan.

Let’s have a look at the third model of our tour, which is also the new casting introduced by the brand : the Toyota Celica 1600 GT. Celica’s are very popular models, and I’m sure many collectors will be happy to have a racing companion for their Konami 1:64 Celica, that might gets old. Inno64 went for a racing version (1974 winner Nobuhide Tachi) but street versions will come. The casting is metal based, and is a roller. It is also introducing a new feature : it gets functional suspensions. In this case, the brand managed to combine metal base + free rolling + good stance + suspensions. Not bad eh ? Ok, the suspensions feature is not as smooth as the old Konami 1:64 (for those who know), but it’s a nice start. Plus, the car is a racing version, very low. So the function will be more interesting on later street versions.

Looking at the casting itself, it is as usual a very nice and precise minicar that Inno64 is offering to collectors. The car is small, gets separate pieces for headlights and tailights, very precise details for all chrome parts. The car itself is a little wave, from windows to the curves around the wheels arches, that are very nicely done. The front spoiler is iconic and well made. Please take notice that mirrors are already installed on the car, and are very fine. Such details really MAKE the car, specially for those old 70’s JDM cars (hello Tomica Limited Vintage!). Take also note of the very fine lateral exhaust (hello Tomica Limited Vintage…). The black interior is hard to see but I can figure that there is a roll cage. Finally, what I’m most impressed about are the wipers that are almost photo-etched parts.

This very 70’s JDM car is making a nice start and should please many collectors. The suspensions feature is a plus, that I’m not particularly fond of, but why not. I’m impatient to see more versions of this car.

What a Macau Grand Prix set would be without a Nissan GT-R R32 ? This year, it is a very desirable Unisia Jecs livery that plays a part. It’s from 1992 and while this version is very nice, it doesn’t beat, to me, the Watson’s livery from last year. Any R32 fan will be happy with this new livery. The casting is, as usual, very precise. This is a very well known casting from the brand that you can trust beyond doubt.

A good Macau set is also sporting an Honda Civic ! And it is always better when it is an Si E-AT that we don’t see enough in the mainline. What the hell the brand is waiting to bring more versions of this so lovely little car ? I’m waiting for street versions for years. But for now, it is a racing version that you can add to your Civic collection, in a Cabin livery that wil perfectly match the EF9 already released some years ago. Once again, I adore this version and this car, but the Leyton House livery from last cannot be beaten. This little car is sporting nice white wheels and is from 1988. I adore it’s low stance and its straight rear. A must have.

Finally, let’s finish the tour with another iteration of the rather recent Honda Accord Euro-R CL7, that might be more oriented to strong Asian collectors. I’ve detailed this casting already, and it is a good one. I would have preferred a more touring car look with cambered wheels. I’m not particularly interested in this car, but the red and white combination is nice, such as the white wheels. I love the big MACAU inscription on the rear.

This tour of the 2021 Macau set of 6 cars is now over, and I hope you’ve appreciated it. You can grab them on eBay easily, and I suggest you to grab models you like for your collection. Macau specials editions like this are always nice and are really the heart of a brand like Inno64.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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