Inno64 diorama with exclusive 997 chrome LBWK (and a bunch of 997)

It is called Dio64 and it is a new line for the Inno64 brand. Here is the first diorama in a LBWK theme (not to mention the one made exclusively for the Hong Kong Toycar Salon 2021). Let’s have a look at it.

The dio64 comes in a rather small box that reminds me old packs of cars I used to get at Christmas when I was a kid, with many accessories and signals. This time, I’m 33 and I have still this excitement when I get my DHL notification of an Inno64 parcel incoming. I did not expect to have this diorama, and I must admit I’m pretty happy to review it for you – even if it’s LBWK. Indeed, LBWK is the excuse to launch a new line, have fun and make a limited special edition of the 997.

Once opened, you get yourself around 15 accessories and a stand to build. It’s easy, a bit fragile, but well conceived. I mean it slots well. What is nice is the floor map with Inno64 inscriptions and LBWK logos. This is the start, then you can built the booth frame and put the accessories.
Speaking of accessories, you have a backdrop, speakers, a table for a DJ stand,tables, screens, wheels stands (very nice) and light boxes. You also get 2 figures with a so called “DJ Inno” (lol) and a show girl. All this stuff to have fun with your LBWK cars, and speaking of cars, the set offers an exclusive 997 LBWK in chrome.

The car comes in the pack without any base or box (think about it if you display them in boxes). Chrome wheels, chrome paint in a reflective silver. The interior is quite simple in black but there is really something with this 997.

I’ve decided to expose this little diorama in my diecast room, and I’m thinking of a display case to cover it if I find any at the good dimensions. I display the chrome 997 in the middle of it.

Ready for a reunion of 997 LBWK ? Let’s have a look at some new 997 models that the brand wants me to show to you. What do we have here : the new Carloverdiecast Pink Pig in a special premium box, a mat grey with crazy cool orange interior and a baby blue iconic livery. What I must say is that Inno64 is prolific with already 6 new color variations so far. My favorite remains the brown chrome from HK exclusive Dio64, and I must admit I love the mat grey because of its orange interior. This interior is just NUTS. The baby blue is very clean and nice, I just cannot see this LBWK logo on the doors anymore. About the pink pig, my mind is about the same : the car is nice and it’s clean but I’m tired of pink pig liveries. As usual, you can find them on eBay easily.

Still metal based, and still a roller!
The orange interior is just woow!

This Dio64 line is definitely something fun and I wonder what will be the next releases. Racing garage ? Macau slot ? Don’t know. For now, it’s a lot of fun to build and it gives some variety for studio photos. You can find some of these Dio64 on eBay, your only chance to get the chrome 997!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews.


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