Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST and MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2021?

Let’s keep chugging along! Time to dig into Matchbox!

Matchbox has really pushed the Moving Parts Models the last couple of years, but their Basic models remain the core of the line. And as they have done in recent years, it has been all about the licensed models. The vast majority of the line is licensed, and the new models released this year were no different. A wide variety of cars were released, and now it is time for us to pick what we think is Best and Most Disappointing. So watch the video above, check out the photos below (that I will post shortly), and vote on the polls.

To be counted you have to vote, but be sure to leave a comment telling me why you picked what you did. Enjoy!

19 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST and MOST DISAPPOINTING Matchbox Licensed New Model in 2021?”

    1. Yeah that is a terrible casting. I can’t believe it’s winning. Also can’t believe the Nova and Dodge Sweptside are getting no love.

  1. Best was tough. There were several great ones, but as a classic car fan it came down to the Chevy Master Coupe and Buick Skylark for me. Both are great, but I went with the Master Coupe because I think the Buick should’ve been slightly bigger to give it more of a land yacht appearance. Matchbox often run into the issue of making models too small, which I hope they will correct down the line. Plus, I just love ’30s cars and the Master Coupe is a fabulous representation of the era.

    Worst was easy. It’s the Mazda 3 for me. Several elements on this one are just off, including the stance and the strange rear window design, which I think could be helped with a dark tint. I also think lower profile wheels and better front detailing would help this one. The headlights are not accurate at all.

  2. Lack of interior in the Bentley made that my least favourite by far…Ford Capri really well done, an iconic vehicle here in the UK, and a nice throwback to the classic Lesney Superfast era model. Special mention for the 4 variations on the ’84 MR2, nice easter egg for collectors…overall a great selection, shame about the poor UK distribution though…

  3. I had a difficult time choosing between the McLaren 720s and the Audi TT. I think Matchbox nailed it with both but I voted McLaren because that really is diecast art. A great color choice helped, too. It is a shame we can only vote for one because I mostly loved the new castings for 2021. I voted Bentley Bentayga as the worst model. The casting itself isn’t bad but I find the “no interior” trend at Matchbox to be absolutely infuriating. I did not purchase the Bentley for this reason. I hope more collectors who share this opinion will speak out.

    1. I’ll add support to the plea for interiors. I was extremely disappointed when the Cadillac CTS Wagon was brought back this year with no interior. Such a shame for a brilliant model.

      1. Thank you Chris. The deletion of interiors from existing models adds insult to injury : Cadillac CTS and 19 Ford Mustang. Place the cost cutting burden on the generics and make the licensed toys as perfect as possible. When the presentation of the toy is correct then I am willing to buy. I will add I think the collectors should support Matchbox when they get it right. Don’t leave the Mazda CX-5 or Subaru Forrester or Honda E on the pegs. All three are brilliantly done and that should be rewarded. Buy one for yourself and one for your nephew or some other kid. When the correctly done toys sell then Mattel should feel less pressure for the cost cutting and Walmart’s oppressive $1 business model can be satisfied.

  4. I love the MR2 pop up head lights, is it going into the Moving parts?
    So dissapointed on Honda E because of no interior, just black windows. Please don’t make anymore casting without interior.

    1. I believe the E does have an interior. The plastic is just too dark to really see it. Try shining a bright flashlight through it. The plastic had to double for the black roof and the windows and that’s why it was so dark.

  5. Matchbox is knocking it out of the park! Kind of hard to pick a favorite though I went with the Dodge truck. What a pleasent suprise.

  6. It was tough choosing a favorite new casting since they made so many nice ones this year. It was a toss-up between the McLaren 720S, ’84 Toyota MR-2, Tesla Roadster, ’21 Ford Bronco, etc. However, I went and chose the Toyota Hilux Pickup. As a Tacoma owner, I have a soft spot for Toyota Pickups. Although it’s a Tacoma, it’s close enough. Plus, I just love the front and rear detailing, the metallic red, and the overall appearance. I’m surprised it’s not getting any love but instead is voted as a disappointing model. I think it’s great.

    The most disappointing was a no-brainer: the Bentley Bentayga. Just like many others, the lack of an interior was killer. The casting itself has very accurate proportions but is way too light thanks to no interior. They also could’ve chose a better color such as a pearl white, metallic silver, black enamel, etc. I was also disappointed with the ’19 Subaru Forestor, ’20 Land Rover Defender 90, and ’19 Mazda 3. The Forester and 3 because of the stupid safety posts that ruin the rear portion of a vehicle. Not only is Matchbox being plagued by no interiors, they also have that unsightly safety post in the back of high roof vehicles to keep the engineering costs down. I miss the days when bodies and bases were held together with a plastic insert that made up the rear license plate, such as on the Volvo XC90, Lincoln Navigator, Range Rover Sport, etc. But I guess it costs too much to keep producing them that way at a $1 price point. The Land Rover Defender 90 because of no interior like the Bentayga.

    1. The Defender has an interior, Its case is similar to the 500X where the interior forms part of the exterior and probably the base.

  7. Best: Audi TT RS. One very well done casting that pairs really well with the Speed Machines TT S and the blue RS2 from Hot Wheels.
    Worst: Bentley Bentayga. This “no interior” madness has to stop. Now.

  8. Best pick was easy: Mazda 3. Too bad not many people agree. We need more of that. Normal everyday car/truck models of what’s currently available. Let’s see some Accord’s, Camry’s, and Malibu’s and stuff.

  9. Best: Ford Bronco. Crisp casting, captures the vehicle pretty well, and differentiates enough from the Hot Wheels version to justify having both brands around. It’s flippin’ great.
    Most disappointing: MR2. Yeah, that mirror placement is really bothering me too…

  10. Best: Ford Bronco. Overall the best executed casting, great paint job, great wheels. This is pretty much old school Matchbox and I want more of this and less of the other stuff. Honorable mentions – Chevy Nova and TT RS.

    Most disappointing: Oh god, so many bad castings this year – Toyota MR2 (HORRIBLE casting), Mazda 3, McLaren 720S… voted for the 720S because 1) convertible of an existing Hot Wheels casting (which also I don’t like) and 2) the paint job is cool but the casting itself is very off. I genuinely don’t understand why they’re messing up so many castings recently and it’s definitely not a “designing difficulty” because 10-15 years ago they could get them just right (compare the Lotus Evora to this McLaren and the Lotus blows the McLaren away).

    The Bentayga is an interesting one. The lack of interior does warrant a ‘most disappointing’ vote but they did get the rest of the casting right, which matters to me. So I’m not gonna vote for that one. If they can figure out a way to add an interior to this, like they did with the Mercedes 6×6, then it’s a real winner. But this whole ‘no interior’ thing needs to stop. In their pursuit of saving costs, they’re losing customers so essentially whatever money they saved in the production is all being lost to a product that no one wants to buy. But of course, they’re losing money anyway because no one actually seems to be even able to find new stock anywhere.

  11. Best: Honda E. Great casting of an interesting Japan and Europe model, audacious choice for Matchbox. 2nd choice: Tesla Roadster in the beautiful matte burgundy.

    Most disappointing: Toyota MR2. I don’t understand why they made the pop up headlights dark plastic. It would have been so much better to make them body colored. No MR2 had contrasting pop up covers, whether they are up or down.

  12. Absolutely right. worst item? distribution! Somebody at Mattel isn’t doing their job which is to get the stuff into shops. Seems sort of basic…

    1. A core problem (as stated by others previously) is certain type of customer hoovering up all of the supply when it drops at Walmart or Target only to resell for a markup on Ebay. There are people with the time and inclination to visit either store at opening time and buy all of the desirable product. People who are not necessarily collectors but profiteers. I’m not sure what Mattel can do about that other than ramping up production dramatically for licensed toys. Note I said LICENSED and not generics! It happens with Hot Wheels too but Mattel makes so many more Hot Wheels toys relative to Matchbox. Eventually I found the HW Bugatti EB110 at Kroger. Will I ever find the Tesla Roadster without resorting to Ebay? I am doubtful.

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