The fantastic Land Cruiser FJ60, a new casting by Inno64

It rolls and it gets a metal chassis. See you soon for more reviews of Inno64 models !

Just kidding ! There is more to say about this beautiful new casting. It is not the first 4×4 tooling by Inno64, as they did the Mitsubishi Pajero in street versions and Paris-Dakar versions, with 8 different versions if I’m not mistaking. For this launch, 2 variations are proposed by Inno64 (not to mention a special Coca Cola edition for Tiny HK), and while I had an idea of which one was my favorite, I’ve lost it since the photo shooting ! You can find it on eBay easily !

Both look great, with a rather a standard look for the blue and a more off-road look for the beige. The FJ60 is a 4×4 known as part of the series 6 from 1980. You can definitely feel the 80’s look on the beige with the decoration on the side. For memory, Tomica Limited Vintage tooled the series 5.
Inno64 went all in for this one, and the FJ60 gets the metal chassis and is a roller. As always, the treatment of the details is amazing and you can feel how neat the casting is. Everything is lined up and there is no room for approximation.

The blue version (that was my favorite) gets an exceptional treatment of the wheels, that is a point that really MAKES the model. Wheels, wheels, wheels. I love the stock look and all the chrome details. Mirrors seem fragile and wipers are super detailed as extra pieces.
The interior is also very detailed with colored seats.

What I love less is the big rivet in the back of the car, but I assume it is necessary for the mold to hold. Plus, I’ve seen this on many other premium minicars (such as TLV). It would have been a killer model with suspensions, but we know the brand is bringing this feature on some future models (like the Celica).

The beige version has really grown on me a lot and I wonder if it is not my favorite after all. I don’t know. I love both. This very 80’s look is too cool withe beige cream color and the decorative band on the sides. The treatment of the wheels is obviously different, such as the additional roof rack that is very qualitative. There are always differences between Inno models !

This casting is fore sure a hit, and will have its place in the Awards. Grab some on eBay before it’s too late !

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews (and previews!)


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  1. i only got the blue version and after seeing your pics i kinda regret not also getting the beige one. Oh well. At least i have one and it is for sure another killer Inno64 release.

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