Diecast Donation Day is December 4th: Here are the details on what to do (and how to even win something cool)

The first ever #diecastdonationday is Saturday, December 4th. Let’s make this a thing.

I’ve learned a lot of things in my years of doing Lamley, and one of those is that basic toy cars (Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette, Tomica) are amazing tools at hospitals. At the Children’s Hospital here in Salt Lake City, I have heard from numerous doctors, nurses, staff, and parents how far a little car will go in motivating a child to get through a tough procedure, a rough day, serve as a distraction, etc. They are always a hit.

That is why for the last few years I have donated the thousands of $1 Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars I pull from my unboxing videos to local hospitals and care facilities here in Utah.

And I know I am not the only one. Many of you do the same thing. So I thought we could make this a yearly event.

Saturday, December 4th is the first #diecastdonationday. Gather your packaged extra models, whether you have one or thousands, and donate them to the local entity of your choice on that day.

And there is a reason #diecastdonationday is a hashtag. Document it. Take a photo, share it on Instagram, and use that tag. Let us all see it. Why?

The reasons you donate can be many, as long as you donate. So let’s give you an extra incentive. We will randomly draw winners from those that donate and use that tag on December 4th and send them a cool gift. Many Lamley Partners have lined up with gifts, and I will unveil them this coming weekend. There will be some truly good stuff. And if winning one of these gift bundles gets you to donate, that’s perfect.

A few things to note:

  • Hospitals and other facilities that care for sick children ask that any toys donated be NEW and PACKAGED. There are other entities that will take bags of used toys, so make sure you know who takes what when you donate.
  • $1 basic toy models from brands like Hot Wheels and Matchbox work best. Safe and play-worthy.
  • Call ahead. Some of these facilities are working under strict Covid-19 protocols and won’t allow you to just walk in. You might need to schedule a drop ahead of time.
  • If December 4th doesn’t work for that facility, donate as close to the day you can and document it. It counts.
  • For the actual #diecastdonationday initiative, the size of your donation doesn’t matter. If you go to Walmart and buy one car and donate it to a hospital, document it and use the hashtag. You qualify.
  • But please make these donations to actual charities or care facilities. Gifting a model to your friend who needs a Super doesn’t count, if that needs to be said.

I am excited to see this become a thing. We happen to collect one of the best donate-able toys around, so let’s get them out there. See you on December 4th.

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  1. I usually donate to a local Chevy dealership collecting for Toys For Tots. What does it exactly mean to document the donation? Thanks!

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