A trio of kitted cars by Inno64 : 997 LBWK Sunflowers, NSX Rocket Bunny and funny Silvia S14 Boss Aero

This highlighted trio is composed of kitted cars, very well known in the 1:64 world now. Inno64 follows the trend, and gives it’s own interpretation of this world that isn’t mine but who interest a lot of collectors around the world.

Let’s start with the very new mold of this trio : the 997 LBWK Jaden.C Sunflowers. It’s a Carloverdiecast special edition, which is a big store and distributor in Asia (China I think). This is a new mold that rolls and gets a metal base. Once again, the brand wants to surprise the collectors, and mostly listen to them. The car is a 997 (Porsche) LBWK. I will not say again my point of view about this LB world, but to be positive, let’s say that tooling a 997 is a clever choice, as far as nobody in the market did it (except maybe some limited resin editions?). The 997 is clearly not a car you see often, and my dream is to see it licensed with Porsche to get a proper 997.

Note : apologies for the pictures of the 997, so many colors are hard for my camera to catch!

The livery is something very original, and ultra decorative. This is a piece that you can expose as a little piece of art, with its super highly premium packaging and box. I LOVE the white base, and clearly the whole decoration is very well done. Michelin tires is something I note as a French guy, other than that I don’t have much to say about this car. The lines are maybe good, but I can’t really tell with this crazy decoration masking the lines. The rear is quite wide, which is good, and the side windows of the 911 legacy seems round enough. I must see other versions to judge. On this particular model, I just don’t really like that the car sits a little to high in the front, something that might be corrected for later versions.

The second car featured in this trio is the quite original Nissan Silvia S14 Rocket Bunny Boss Aero in orange … with bikes! Yes, bikes. They are carefully enclosed in a plastic thing just behind the car, and this is why the cardboard of the model is longer than the regular ones. But what’s clever is that the acrylic box (and so does the plastic base) is the same size as other classic models.

This car really exists, and you can see some photos of the real car here :

Isn’t it a total delirium ? Whatever the owner had in head, the replica is very accurate, and whether you like it or not, the color is very satisfying. The car itself too, and this S14 has already been featured on this blog earlier. The car is low, wide and very well finished. Looking at the wheels, they are stunning. Lot of efforts too have been done on the tampo work, with neat inscriptions on the glasses. Now looking at the bikes, this littles pieces are very fragile and quite small (they are 1/64). It’s definitely something original. The 1/64 world loves the accessories these days, but bikes is something I had never seen. The system to fix them is quite simple and fragile, but it works. The bikes are simple, and fun. A very unique piece to add to your collection!

Finally, the third car of the trio is another iteration of the recent NSX NA Rocket Bunny V2 Aero, in green. The green color is kind of special, and I think I prefer the previous purple or spectra blue. The wheels are still very impressive, almost like photo-etched parts, and so on. You can find easily those cars on eBay!

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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