Inno64 new models : Nissan Silvia S14 “Rocket Bunny” Boss Aero

Inno64 is in fire! Many new models lately, and new molds. This is the case here with the brand new tooling Nissan Silvia S14 Boss Aero. Straight away the brand is offering 2 versions with as always some differences but not a V1 or V2 in this case. I assume it is the same casting with some details like the front radiator or the rear flat base that differ.

The first one is a collaboration model made with Tofugarage. This is the second collab with this German garage, the first one being the white Tofugarage Nissan R32 Pandem already presented here on the Lamley blog.

This time, this new Silvia casting has been used, and I must admit that the packaging and the art are amazing. Look at this box! It is a solid cardbox containing the classic acrylic display box with a metal baseplate, very premium like.

The car is sporting the NFS Heat deco, and of course exists in real life. You can spot the car on Google easily, and the resemblance is very accurate. Maybe the pink color could have been a little brighter, but I don’t know the car too much to judge. All I can say is that the minicar is very neat, very cool.

You can find this new model at fair prices on eBay !

Color delimitation are super neat, the body kits too, and the details applied on such a little car are very amazing. The rims are perfectly detailed, the stance is good, the black around the windows is neat, the exhaust in after market style too such as the front spoiler and rear ducktail. It’s a really nice job. And as far as this collab model is super high quality, what to say about the purple #66 one ?

This might be my favorite of the lot, such as the purple color is amazing, and all the gold details match together. We spot again those amazing almost photo-etched lace wheels, and this gold decoration on the purple in a kind of Lotus JPS style just works for me. Oh, I did not mention that the texture of the base is something I’ve never seen before : a pure metal kind of non split mat, that you can really feel with your finger. Amazing!

Once again, Inno64 just caught me with a type of cars I’m not collecting in general, but the execution is really something not to miss. Maybe there is no need to get them all, but consider this purple version in a serious way. Of course, I’m pleading for a stock – or sporty – S14, and I don’t see why not to have some in the future. Before, you can add surely some S14 Boss Aero to your collection : it’s a good one.

See you soon for more Inno64 reviews!


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