Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Oshkosh Snowplow, With Flames!

Model: Hot Wheels Oshkosh Snowplow

Release: 1996 Flamethrowers Series

Ebay link: Hot Wheels Oshkosh Snowplow

A short Lamley Daily article for today, one of a model likely not expected to be featured here: The Hot Wheels Oshkosh Snowplow! And not just a typical workhorse one, but probably the oddest one, for the 1996 Flamethrower Series.

Featured in black with yellow and blue flame tampos, it was right up my alley as far as deco was concerned. I was always drawn to painted flames that weren’t your typical red, orange and yellow on vehicles. So them being done in yellow and blue here just caught my attention. I also felt the little detail of the Hot Wheels logo on the fender, practically hidden in there, was a neat touch to the deco. (Around 1994, the brand started putting a little HW logo somewhere in the deco of about every mainline car; it was something that remained for YEARS).

There’s that little logo. Seriously, if you weren’t looking for it you’d miss it.

The front plow is detachable, actually just placed in the dumper (I.. think that’s what it’s called?) of the casting when in the blister. Like most older castings, the Snowplow suffered from a number of cost cutting measures, first going to a plastic cab and dumper in the early 90s to losing the plow all together and eventually going to a plastic base before quietly disappearing after the 2002 release. But no matter what, even if I eventually complete the casting, this black with yellow and blue flames release will always be my favorite.

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