Inno64 new model : NSX (NA) ROCKET BUNNY V2 AERO

Inno64 hit again! I’m very late in the new models presentation, and please forgive me for that, but here are 2 cool news from the Macau brand : the Honda NSX Rocket Bunnet V2 Aero.

The Rocket Bunny license is very used by the brand, and I’m sure many of collectors will appreciate. The execution for the price is very good (around $20), and you got a very premium treatment. The Rocket Bunny cars are very well treated indeed with a very luxury metal like base plate, always with a great style. They are for sure display models.

Those 2 NSX are V2, so I assume we will see in the future a V1 or more versions, like the Nissan Silvia S13. I’m a big fan of the Honda NSX, and I particularly love the Inno64 Honda NSX NA2. The RGT is also a very beautiful minicar. So, what to expect from a Rocket Bunny version ?

As I said in introduction, Rocket Bunny and tuners cars must have their public. If you are more in love with stock cars, street cars or pure race cars (like me!), you might be a little taken aback. So, once again, I will appreciate this car under the angle of the execution, and the amount of love and passion the team put to get such a result in a 1/64 model car under $20.

The first thing is the color. The purple is amazing, and the chrome blue is really mastered. This is 2 starting points that make the models totally worth it. Then, as usual with Inno64, the stance is just perfect. The car is low, I mean loooooow. Then, the overall execution is really showing that Inno64 is serious business. There are many details that catch your eyes, and that are very impressive for a 1/64 minicar.

The most impressive thing is, to me, the detailed gold almost photo-etched wheels on the purple version. Second, the neatness of the little aluminum appendices (kind of wings).

Both models have many differences, like the wheels, the treatment of the seats, the black roof or not or the many sponsors on the blue version.

You can easily find Inno64 models like those NSX on eBay.

All in all, the NSX Rocket Bunny V2 Aero is really a strong casting from Inno64, that shall find its audience. You can still have one in your collection, because of the nice treatment the car has. This purple is really beautiful …

See you soon for more reviews of new Inno64 models!


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