3 recent models from Inno64 not to miss for your collection !

I have been rather quiet lately on the blog, with many things to do at home and with the little girl we had some months ago, but I still am very pleased to feature some Inno64 models. The next batch of news must arrive soon, and will be featured, but for now, I wanted to share those 3 models that are in my collection, and that are quite recent models.

They certainly deserve some attention, and that is exactly what I will do right know !

The 3 models are from different eras and from various styles. The first to look at is the Toyota 86 in “Customize retro livery”. A nice Panda car ! It is of course a retro livery very much looking like the Toyota Sprinter Trueno of the most famous tofu deliverer of the world. I don’t particularly like the Toyota 86 as a sport car, I mean it is one of those cars I couldn’t care less about (hello John), but in this case, I love the black/white contrast of the car, such as the grey wheels and the homage to Initial D. Surely a car to have in my Inno64 collection. eBay is full of Toyota from Inno64 at good prices !

The second is a green version of the famous Nissan GT-R R32 from 1992 JTCC, Kyoseki version. I will not present again this casting, that is well known. I just simply love the green livery of the car. This is one livery to keep in the collection, imo. Nothing much to say about it.

The final model for today is a Macau race Toyota Altezza in red and white. I love white rims, and I love the Altezza. Inno64 did a good job on this casting, that is not easy to tool (the line of the windows are hard to design, and the body is rather wide in the wheel arches). This racing model is very satisfying, the stance is as usual very nice. I love it.

That’s it for today’s Inno64 post, quite short, but I wanted to honor those 3 versions I particularly like. You can find them easily on eBay !

Stay tuned for more Inno64 news on the blog soon !


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