Matchbox Mini Moment: Raffling off a Wheyhemes

So by now people will have hopefully had a chance to check out my blog report from Monday. As well as the Collector Batch A content I showcased the first in a new series of Mattel Creations. An MB694 Routemaster Bus. Well, there is a little more to the story. Mattel kindly sent me 2 of the bus over and the second one I have decided to raffle off. Now for me personally, I have had cancer in the family, my best friend had cancer in the family, and we both know people currently dealing with cancer, so I decided that I would set up a raffle with all proceeds going to Cancer Research UK.

So as of now, I am setting up the raffle. Tickets will be £2 each and feel free to buy more tickets if you want. The more tickets you buy, the more times I put your name in the bucket. All monies paid to Cancer Research UK before Sunday July 25 at 12pm will be eligible for entry in the draw.

Any money donated to Cancer Research UK after 12pm UK time on July 25 (GMT+1) will miss out on the draw but will still be going to a good cause. I will be running the draw at around 1pm that day, once I have double checked I have all people who donated in the bucket (with those pledging more than £2 getting multiple names in the bucket for each £2 pledged). Also, please if you live in the UK and if you can, when you are putting in however much money you want to buy the tickets, when you scroll down can you check the “gift aid” box right at the very bottom. the UK government will add an additional 25% themselves to all donations to charity that include the gift aid ticked. But it does only apply to people who live in the UK. So this means for a £2 ticket, Cancer Research UK will get £2.50. For those wanting to join the raffle outside of the UK, it is still £2 for Cancer Research.

This link is the web page to donate to. Good luck to all those who would like to participate, and all monies raised is going to a great cause. And when filling in any personal details, don’t feel you need to include all of them, but just make sure you put something in there as a means of me being able to contact you if you are the winner. Email address is the best option. I will then contact you with obtaining full details for sending the bus to. Also please note, I am only adding names in the bucket of those who have made the donation on the page. So those who have only left a comment at the end of this report or on my Instagram page are not being added. Only whatever is on the Cancer Research page. I just wanted to ensure that there is only 1 place that I am taking names from.

With a huge Matchbox convention taking place in Albuquerque NM taking place over the weekend of Friday July 23 – Sunday July 25, I just thought it would be good to be finishing the raffle at the tail end of the convention.

I will be posting a video of the draw Sunday afternoon my time after the 12pm UK time deadline (which will be fairly early Sunday morning Albuquerque time), at which time I will be contacting the winner and arranging to send their winning bus their way.

Now I will be sending them this box with their own bus inside. I haven’t opened it. So if there was a variation on it compared to the one I did open, boy did I miss out! But please note, this is NOT a Mattel raffle. I simply spoke with them about what to do with the second bus and they allowed me to do this. Now although they are not affiliated with the raffle (I am just making sure people know that), they are very kindly going to send something a little extra to the winner. Just a little bonus on top of my sending the bus to the winner. A signed mini poster from the convention in Albuquerque.

Of course I am not showing the poster. That will be unveiled at the Gathering in just over a week. All I am giving at the moment is this teeny tiny sneak peek of what is to come. Yes this poster will also be from the mind of one Michael Heralda. And I think you will be extremely happy to receive it. All monies received for the raffle will be going to Cancer Research UK. I am even going to be paying the shipping costs for the sending the model out myself. So come on a UK winner! I kid. If somebody was to win from Australia I will happily pay for shipping to Australia.

So please buy a ticket. Buy 2. Buy 10. However many you want. It is a charity raffle so the more money I can raise the better. Good luck. And keep an eye on my Instagram feed at @davidjtilley a week on Sunday for the draw (July 25). Of course I will also remind people here on the blog in the report that follows the Gathering too.

And don’t forget to keep an eye on the Mattel Creations site.

The blurb from Mattel Creations.

I am so excited for this new venture. I enjoy seeing Matchbox getting the love nowadays.

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