Lamley Daily: Muscle Machines ’65 Chevelle Wagon 1:18

Model: Muscle Machines ’65 Chevelle Wagon, 1:18 scale

Release: Gold version, 2004 (I think… package said copyright 2003 to general rule is released the year after)

Ebay link: Muscle Machines Chevelle Wagon

Why I’m featuring it: I’m a muscle car fan. I also love wagons. I also like crazy dis-proportioned diecast. 1:18 scale isn’t featured much if at all. So why not?

A few years ago, a local collector buddy of mine was hitting up a couple yard sales near his house. Shot me a message after seeing this, asking if I was interested. Box was wrecked, and one of the exhaust pipe tips was rattling around inside. I asked how much, and if I recall correctly, he said $4. So, SOLD.

This actually ended up sitting in my garage for a while. I had it in the trunk of my actual car for a long time, just sitting there. Eventually bought the truck that’s the backdrop of the pictures here, and the car got sold. Emptied the trunk of the car and everything just sort of stayed in the garage for a while. Until about a week ago.

Took the car out of the package, and superglued the exhaust cap back on. Had some time on Sunday to do some pictures, so thought I’d do it outside before the rain came. Decided to use the bed cover of my truck, because why not?

As mentioned, I love muscle cars. Have since I was a kid. Also have a love of wagons. Old wagons like this are awesome and no one can tell me differently. The ’65 Chevelle has a special place in my heart as well, a lot to do with an old AMT kit my dad has among his collection. Once in a while I’d go hang out in dad’s kit room and just look at the models on the shelves. On his desk he had a bunch of kits he had put together before I was born, but on a shelf near the desk was this kit. I had always wanted to build it. I should track one down for myself and put it together… should be good for a laugh, haha!

Always thought the Muscle Machines were neat. Just never really got into collecting them much. I do have a 5 pack somewhere in the collection that I snagged at Marshall’s for $12 or something, but that was really it. I don’t really collect 1:18 scale cars anymore, despite having a bunch of Ertl cars from 20-25 years ago and a few Hot Wheels ones, but haven’t bought anything in a long while. So it was a neat add for me, a little out-of-the-norm.


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  1. That poor thing, at least it’s now FREE!
    Gawd, I love how stupid it is. I mean that in the best possible way. It’s so ridiculous, it’s awesome.

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