Lamley Daily: Aoshima Williams-Renault FW15C

Model: Aoshima Williams FW15C

Release: Alain Prost, Monaco Grand Prix 1993

eBay link: Aoshima Williams

Why I’m featuring it: It’s the Monaco Grand Prix this Sunday, so I thought I’d dig into the collection for a machine from Monaco races past.

Eighteen years ago this weekend, Alain Prost was on his way to his fourth F1 World Championship in the dominant Williams FW15C, the last of the active-suspension cars. Prost put the car on pole on the streets of Monte Carlo – one of 13 pole positions in 16 races that he achieved that season – but was penalized for a jump start. The stop-go punishment was compounded when he stalled leaving the pits, but he recovered to finish fourth behind Ayrton Senna, Damon Hill and Jean Alesi.

This 1:64-scale Aoshima replica was issued as one of a series of 12 Williams models in blind boxes, Kyosho-style. They’re excellent quality and good value for money.

I’m a lifelong Williams fan and have a particular soft spot for the 1993 Canon deco with added Sega – look closely and you’ll see Sonic the Hedgehog’s foot putting the pedal to the metal! The only major omissions here are the Camel logos, for obvious reasons.

Happily, the Aoshima Williams models don’t attract the same interest as some of the Kyosho Porsche and Ferrari race cars, so you can get some great models for reasonable money on eBay. Thanks for reading and enjoy the race!

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5 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Aoshima Williams-Renault FW15C”

  1. Wow I wasn’t expecting a Formula One related post today. I know we have many fans here so it’s cool to see some F1 content every once in a while. I’m rooting for Ferrari this Sunday, they seem to be doing much better in Monaco than other tracks and for once we won’t have a podium filled with just Mercedes and Red Bull.

  2. I’m glad to see your post. I forgot F1 was on tomorrow instead of Memorial Day weekend, but time to make arrangements!

    It’s a shame we in times where certain sponsors have to be omitted because of negative influence or stigmas. This model would appear so complete if it
    was adorned in it’s famous ‘Camel’ details. Just like Marlboro with some castings.. yeah, the color scheme is blatant, but with the iconic labeling.. it just looks generic.
    This example you display is equipped with enough detail w/o making it to the point of possessing a premium price. It contains decent detail and proportion. Heck, the sheen on the tire tread seem so realistic as you would find on a real racing slick! 👍

    1. Yeah I agree, difference between something sold explicitly to an adult audience and something that could be picked up by a kid/construed as a toy. I agree, I like the balance of detail and value. It rolls well too!

  3. I liked White Rose Collectibles’ answer to the tobacco and alcohol advertising issue. when they released a number of Matchbox NASCAR models in plastic cases (and then glass bottles) as ‘adult collectibles’ back in the 90’s.
    I was a huge F1 fan growing up. As a kid I loved the colour schemes of the John Player Special Lotus, Marlboro sponsored BRM and McLaren teams etc, but tobacco advertising never encouraged me to smoke.

    1. Me neither! Inno and Tarmac have been issuing decal sheets with models recently, which seems a fair compromise. Plenty of larger scale models out there with tobacco logos in place but I guess 1:64 will always be more easily interpreted as a ‘toy’. Thanks for reading!

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