From Towing it to Showing it

SURPLUSgoodies and come together again for another exclusive Auto World squarebody Chevy release.

The first time we had the Mississippi Barn Finds release (which I have also featured here on Lamley). This time we go to Georgia.

Like the first release, this one features both an unrestored and restored version of the collector-favored pickup tooling. The pickups in this release are 1979 Chevrolet Silverado Fleetsides on lowered chassis and both sport custom wheels. The factory color that was used for this release is Silver Iridescent.

The restored version is really nice but undoubtedly, the unrestored version is my favorite. It is covered in a rich layer of patina. It is notably dirtier looking than the first barn finds release.

There are only 1,248 of each version making these very limited. Out of the total production, only 52 Ultra Red chases were made. If you’re an Ultra Red collector that small amount of chases is scary.

The Ultra Red was done in a cool way. The silver is replaced with the Auto World signature “Ultra Red” color and then covered in the rust and dust of the unrestored version of the truck.

If you want these trucks in your Auto World and/or Chevy Squarebody Pickup collection I highly suggest you grab them now. I speculate that as Auto World continues to gain popularity these are going to end up being very tough pieces to get ahold of. If you are lucky to find them down the road… they ain’t goin’ to be cheap.

I am lucky enough to have all three. Check out the video below for more info and my first impressions of these.

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