Let’s open up an extremely limited Ultra Red

I made the decision to open everything I was going to keep in my collection quite a while ago. However, to this day I still wince just a little bit when it is something that is very limited and/or valuable.

This Ultra Red is a special one for a number of reasons. It’s very limited being that there were only 52 produced. It comes as a collaboration between my favorite brand to collect and two people that have done a lot for the hobby. But really what makes it so cool is how awesome it looks. This is an instant top fiver in my collection.

If you are still looking for the exclusive release it can be found on awcollector.com or from SURPLUSgoodies if they are still available.

The best place to find this Ultra Red is going to be on eBay either from SURPLUSgoodies or 6speed.

Alright, lets #freethepiece

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