All I wanted for Christmas was a (Kyosho) Ferrari

I wouldn’t mind getting a Ferrari for Christmas. I’m picky, though – ideally it would be a 288 GTO or maybe an old 308 rally car. Definitely not an Enzo or an F50.

Getting the wrong Ferrari for Christmas is a problem I’m unlikely to have anytime soon. A Ferrari in 1:64 scale? Well, that’s a different matter! Socks apart, there’s not much I want for, so my family (wife, parents, kids) sometimes asks me to look out for models that could be given as presents. Win-win! About six months ago I spotted a group of Kyosho Ferrari F1 cars for sale on eBay UK. I watched them for a few weeks, then watched the price get reduced. Eventually I decided that they were too good to pass up.

So it came to pass that I got not one Ferrari for Christmas, but eight. They’re all from Kyosho’s Ferrari F1 Collection 2, whose models were released in 2008 in kit form. Included are several doubles of the same chassis that I will attempt to trade for models I don’t have. All were sourced only with bases – no boxes – but as they are going straight to display, that doesn’t bother me. I couldn’t be happier with them! Let’s take a look, in chronological order.

The F1-87 was raced in 1987 by Michele Alboreto and Gerhard Berger. Both are present.

The late version of the F1-91 from 1991 is represented here by Alain Prost’s car. I also have Jean Alesi’s machine.

Next up is the F93 A from 1993 – a sole example of Alesi’s racer. I was particularly happy to get this one. The white stripe wasn’t to everyone’s taste (the Ferrari looked a lot like the BMS Dallara of recent seasons) but it’s a very distinctive look.

We then jump forward more than a decade to the all-conquering Ross Brawn/Rory Byrne/Jean Todt/Michael Schumacher era with the F2005 in the lighter shade of red that was favoured for a while.

Finally comes the 248 F1 from 2006. This is Felipe Massa’s car, but I have a Schumacher machine as well.

It’s a great (partial) set and fills a gap marked ‘reasonably modern Ferraris’ in my racing car display, where the newcomers already sit alongside some contemporary Kyosho Lotus, Benetton and McLaren models, and several Aoshima Williams. Of course, there are plenty more great Kyosho F1 Ferraris to track down, many at very reasonable prices if you don’t mind assembling them yourself. The hunt resumes.

The F1-87 and F93 A with the Kyosho Lotus 100T (1988) and 102 (1990) and Aoshima Williams FW11B (1987) and FW14B (1992)

I’ve lamented before that model manufacturers seem to have given up on Formula 1 cars in 1:64 scale. That vacancy is still open, if anyone wishes to apply. I might try to get my hands on that Tarmac F3 Dallara though. It’s a start!

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9 Replies to “All I wanted for Christmas was a (Kyosho) Ferrari”

  1. Definitely get that Sophia Floersch F3 Dallara, Graham. Got mine yesterday, and it’s amazing!

    There is video online of Sophia in the car in Macau. While in Macau, she visits the headquarters of her sponsor, IXO/ PCT Industries, which actually manufactured the model for Tarmac Works.

    So.,.views of the actual race car…footage inside IXO’s HQ…and Sophia’s extremely good looks and charming accent…three great reasons to visit YouTube!


    1. Thanks, I’ll check it out! Saw her race in a Ginetta at Thruxton in 2015. She was 14 and left the field behind, winning both races!

  2. On the subject of 1/64 Formula 1 cars, its interesting to see Mini GT are tackling the beast that was the Tyrrell P34 6 wheeler from the 70’s.

  3. Still salty that Kyosho skipped the F2004, but just having a Ferrari F1 car in 1:64 is the ultimate treasure hunt for me. The fact that you have many of these F1 cars, even? Oohhh, nelly. Wonder how hard it’d be to model and print a 3D figurine that can sit inside the cockpit, though.

  4. Ferrari F1-87 was driven by Gerhard Berger and Michele Alboreto. Jean Alesi debuted in F1 in 1989 in Tyrrell. Greetings from Poland 😉

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