Lamley Single File: Efsi Fiat 242 “KLM”

It’s time for me to fill another Single File post with a unique vehicle from one of Europe’s forgotten diecast manufacturers. This time I’ll be looking at the Fiat 242 van and the 3 inch version made by Dutch company Efsi.

The Fiat 242 was a light van produced by Fiat from 1974 to 1987. The predecessor of the Ducato line, the vehicle was made in cooperation with French brand Citroen, who sold the 242 in their home market as the C35.

Like most small working vehicles, the 242 is totally and utterly… normal. And 242s would probably be entirely off the radar if it wasn’t for their use as rally support vehicles with the Lancia and Fiat teams in the 1970s and 1980s.

Subsequently there’s a number of 1/43 and larger scale 242s adorned with famous rallying liveries, but as far as I am aware Efsi produced the only 3 inch version. I rather like the 242. I’ve encountered a few of them on my travels in Europe and vaguely recall one or two of them in the UK in my childhood. When this KLM liveried version came up on Ebay recently, I happily added it to my collection.

The model itself is pretty much what you’d expect from an 80s era European made diecast. Thick gauge metal, and a solid, chunky feel. No bells and whistles needed really, though the sliding door on the side is a neat touch.

And the KLM colours are rather fitting, being as they are the national airline of The Netherlands.

And there you have it, another short and sweet visit to the Single File world, but I’ll no doubt be back with another unique oddity soon!

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(Find Efsi models on Ebay)

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