The Tomica Limited Vintage “Damaged Box” Sale at Japan Booster begins today.

I’ve gotten a lot of questions, and the answer is YES! The Japan Booster Tomica Limited Vintage Damaged Box Sale is at 6pm PST TONIGHT!

As a refresher, Japan Booster, a long-time Lamley Partner/Sponsor, will only sell Tomica Limited Vintage with a mint model AND mint box. Those models that are still mint, but don’t come in a mint box, are put aside to be sold a super discounted prices one time a year.

That time is today. The damaged box models – and let me reiterate, boxes that have a tiny amount of damage but house perfect models – will hit the Japan Booster ebay store tonight at 6pm PST. Just follow this link and keep refreshing:


Keep in mind these go very fast, you have to be on your toes to get what you want. Most will be gone a few seconds or minutes after they are listed. And as they have done all year, Japan Booster offers free shipping via DHL anywhere in the world on orders over $100. My advice? Grab a few. You will rarely see these offerings at this price.

And be sure to check out the whole store as well, as much of the Japan Booster inventory will be on sale, and some other rare models up for auction. Good luck!

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