Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels Premium New Model in 2020?

I know you’ve been dreading this one, but the time has come. It is time to pick the best Hot Wheels Premium New Model of 2020.

This is a near impossible task. Hot Wheels, as they have done the last several years, once again raised the bar on their premium releases. Car Culture, Fast & Furious, and now Boulevard. It’s a murderer’s row of good stuff.

And you have to pick one as the best. I’m still thinking it through. The Poll is below – you must vote to be counted – and the video and photo showcases below. The poll will be open for the next week so give it some thought if you want, but vote you must. Good luck.

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9 Replies to “Lamley Awards Poll: What was the BEST Hot Wheels Premium New Model in 2020?”

  1. Wow, it truly isn’t fair having to pick just one. I’ll get ONE gripe out of the way first: it’s extremely disappointing how many of these models are lacking side mirrors. It’s a little detail, but does make a disproportionally big difference. It’s a shame because so many of these castings are real winners.

    Ok, so for me the choice for best came down to Mazda Cosmo, Buick GNX, Acura NSX, Mercedes 280 SEL and Alfa 33. After some thinking, I narrowed to GNX, Benz and Alfa, but ultimately it’s gotta be the Benz. The proportions just seem right, it’s got that mean lowered stance, and even though it looks black most of the time, the paint is actually one of the deepest metal-flake greens I’ve ever seen in diecast. Aside from its lack of mirrors (arrghh) it’s the one out of all of these I just can’t stop looking at.

    1. I agree with all your choices Ben. Those were my top five as well, with maybe the 300SL in place of the Cosmo, but I like the Cosmo too. It came down to the Buick versus the Benz in the end, but I went with the Buick for the total stock look. My one gripe with the Benz is that it’s too low for my taste.

      I also agree on the mirrors. Hot Wheels would do well to include them.

      1. I love that Buick too, so mean-looking, and any kind of tampo really pops on an all-black car.

        Maybe someone can explain to me WHY side mirrors are missing from so many otherwise great castings? I’ve seen people make reference to packaging constraints in past comments, but I’m not sure I understand this…what makes them work for some castings but not others? They’re just tiny blobs of diecast stuck on the sides, what’s the big deal?

    2. What I find extremely funny and ironic regarding the lack of side mirrors is that the majority of the mainline new models of 2020 DO have side mirrors. So how on earth is it possible that the more expensive, more premium and built from scratch models aimed at collectors are missing such an important element? It’s just beyond me. There are so many castings here that could’ve been the winners, if only they had side mirrors.

  2. I really liked a lot of models this year, such as the Civic, Lightning, Lancia Rally, RS200, NSX, 300SL and 280 SEL but the majority of these don’t have side mirrors and that’s an instant disqualification in my eyes. A model can’t be called the best if it doesn’t have a basic feature like side mirrors.

    So, considering that and other points, my winner is the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale. Firstly, the casting is pretty well done, the wheel choice is perfect, the proportions could’ve been better but they’re acceptable and most of all, it doesn’t have side mirrors. Wait what?? Well, a quick google search reveals that even the real car doesn’t have side mirrors! Well, at least one example of this car doesn’t. So it all works perfectly. And the other main reason being the casting choice. We all expect HW to makes dozens of Mustangs, Corvettes and Skylines but an Alfa Romeo supercar?? How left-field is that?? A few years ago this would’ve been unheard of and even now it feels shocking to see HW doing this model. I love my JDMs and muscle cars but I’m an Euro/ Exotic fan through and through, so seeing a legit European/ Italian limited-edition million dollar old-school supercar is a real joy!

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