Unboxing: Matchbox 2021 Mix 1 (S Case)

Let’s just go with “Mix _” instead of “_ Case” with Matchbox. Hot Wheels resets every year with their case letter codes, Matchbox does not. So if I say “S Case”, unless you are really on top of it you have no idea what I am talking about. I am NOT on top of it, so I had to open the case before I filmed the video just so I could see what I was opening.

So this is Mix 1, the first 2021 mix from Matchbox. And there is some awesome stuff in it. The Plymouth wins for me, but there are a lot more model to like too. Enjoy:

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  1. These Matchbox case reports just make me sad anymore. I struggle to find ANY licensed Matchbox models on the pegs, at any store. Stock just isn’t refreshed often, and when it is the good stuff gets snatched immediately. The white Subaru Sambar is the bane of my existence, as my local Target has had four pegs stacked with ONLY that model for WEEKS now. I don’t think I’ll ever see the C8 Corvette or the Bugatti Divo in the flesh, and I’m afraid to go back through past case reports to see how far behind I am. I suspect it’s about a dozen cases. Why can’t I find what I want without having to resort to absurd eBay prices?

    1. I’m with you on that. It’s such a struggle to find anything good with Matchbox anymore. I literally go months without finding anything and when I do, it’s severely picked over. There’s also not enough retail space for these to get distributed more efficiently. They only get four pegs at most whereas Hot Wheels gets like fifty pegs at any given store! But I’m not very happy with Matchbox at the moment with their insane cost cutting measures. I hate the fact that they completely eliminated the use of chrome on basic models (with the exception of the Plymouth Savoy) when they’ve been doing that for years. Hot Wheels gets to use chrome all the time and they’re doing just fine. So many classic cars that deserve chrome won’t get it and it infuriates me to no end!

      1. I agree. Just as something could be possibly great… Then cutbacks. No suspension. No interior. 2 way graphics and no chrome. Strange coloured windows. Eg… The London black cab from the last batch F. Hollow and it felt like the wheels were clunky and about to snap through. No give. Hotwheel don’t get that treatment as much with their 365…. Lineups in every outlets. I just don’t get why Mbx suffer this.. If the cost was more than £1.25 as the Tesco price is here. I wouldn’t buy them. But it can’t last for ever like this until they turn to micro machine blobs…

  2. I can say as a whole Nice one!.. This brand has turned back old Skool. Great packaging artwork. Educational various choices of REAL vehicles from past to now. Just don’t get why 3 green self driving toasters tho… Something Bill and Ted just came out of. Also why still have 24 count boxes for USA? I like long card but, as we are on short card count 72. Increase case count’s for you guys? Its again of the age old problems distribution. The UK only Tesco.. 1 box per 250.000. Advertising would be great…. Open up this brand Mattel. People want your products.

  3. Nice mix! I am almost ashamed to say that distribution is pretty good in my area (Pacific Northwest of USA), while others are still struggling so much to find these, just as Matchbox is reaching new levels of quality with the castings, new and old, that they put out. I was in the same situation not too long ago, so maybe, if anything, this is a sign that improvements are slowly happening. Or its all just a fluke and we’ll be back to scarcity after the holidays?

    Anyway, Target continues to devote just a handful of pegs to this line, which quickly become backed up with older, less desirable models. Walmart on the other hand is much improved. I don’t have an exact count, but I’d estimate 8-12 pegs for basic at most of my local stores, plus several pegs of Walmart exclusive themed assortment (currently Mustang), 2-3 pegs for Moving Parts, 2-3 pegs for Working Rigs and 2-3 pegs for Superfast. Of course there will always be certain models that linger for months, but with this many pegs there is enough room to turn desirable models, see each mix more than once and then get in new stuff.

    I certainly don’t want to come off as gloating or claiming there are no problems, but maybe give others hope that distribution can work if retailers and Mattel both set their minds to it. At least as far as the US is concerned. Finally, with Target’s inclusion of an exclusive Retro line of cars (and Garage playset?), this shows they are giving at least a little more thought and commitment to this line.

  4. Looking forward to seeing this case in the UK; as we’ve just received 2020 mix F I can hope to see this in January. Is it just me or is the Divo missing from the UK case F mix? With only one per case there’ll be a scramble for it when it does arrive

    1. You’ll be pleased to hear the Divo is in Case F at Tesco and as you know as our cases are much bigger there are several there are several per box. As for this 2021 batch appearing in Tesco in January or if at all, that all depends on whether they have massively over ordered F 🤔 😉

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