Double dose of Civic EG6 by Hobby Japan

The real question is : can we be overloaded of Honda Civic ? To me, no! I waited such a long time before having some in the collection, that I’m happy each time I have one more in the collection. And as has said my friend and cowriter on Lamley, @diecast13, have a look at the path made since the first announcements of premium 1:64 cars …

We must get back to Kyosho minicar collection or Konami to have Civic at our scale. And frankly, they are getting old now. Nowadays, even Majorette did one. I have more or less 60 Civic in my collection, and those 2 are very new. They are from Hobby Japan, that you should begin to be familiar with now. I had the opportunity to buy some more old castings from the brand, and they were very popular and not that easy to get at a reasonable price, especially when you live in Europe. You can find some on eBay.

So you guess I’m very happy with my 4 new Honda Civic from Hobby Japan in my collection, and I want to focus on the EG6 in red in both versions : pure stock, and “customized” version. That is, in a way, the principle of HJ in 1:64 : offer a new casting very regularly (minimum one per month), in a large pallet of colors, and both stock and more after market style. I wonder when (or if ?) “older” castings will be back one day, in a new release of something. Time will tell.

The red stock EG6 is basically the same car I already presented here in black, and I cannot be bored of it because in my opinion the lines are almost perfect.

What is interesting is to see its customized counterpart, also in red. Here the models sports a black carbon front hood, which is nice, sporty yellow/gold wheels, and a thin spoiler in the back. We can also note a different exhaust pipe. Concerning the interior, the seats are different too, so the car is very much mean. But that’s it, so you can easily observe that costs are maintained, and that HJ can play with basically the same car but no more. I believe its not a bad compromise.

I also bought a white customized model, you can see here :

As a conclusion, I would say that Hobby Japan is quite unique in its approach to load 10 cars of more per release, in different versions, that you can ignore if you love to collect stock models like TLV models. On the contrary, you can be bankrupted pretty quickly if you are a completist ^^

On my hand, I love to dig in what I like, and I wish distribution will be better for Europe soon. Cause I like them.



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  1. All of these Civics look fantastic! I’ve always been a big fan of the Civic and Honda in general and would love to fill out my collection with a few more models. I generally steer more towards stock versions, but I have to say the modified versions here are mild and tasteful and something I’d go for. My sweet spot for 1:64 diecast is in the $5-$6 range of Hot Wheels Premium right now, so these are a bit much for me, but thanks for giving us a look!

    By the way, what’s up with the tires? Several of them look severely warped or flat.

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