Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet

Model: ’52 Hudson Hornet

Release: 2012 Hot Wheels Boulevard: Legends

Ebay link: Isn’t always available so save this search

Why I am featuring it: This Boulevard release was the debut of this casting. Starting it’s life in a premium release, it has a metal base and Real Rider tires. The casting would go on to be released a few more times in its premium form. Then, it was released in the Hot Wheels mainline as a Super Treasure Hunt. Since its STH release in 2016 it has remained in mainline form with a plastic base and plastic wheels.

This one is the most authentic looking stock model of the car of all of the releases of the casting so far. That is why I like it. All of the releases of this car are nice but this is my favorite.

I think this car is due to show up in a premium release again…. maybe a Car Culture release focused on classic cars?

2 Replies to “Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels ’52 Hudson Hornet”

  1. I’ve always loved this release, I’ll have to dig it out and let it spend some time in the sun. Didn’t realize it was so hard to come by second-hand!

  2. I had been collecting the jl version prior to hw releasing theirs. I like them about the same and they scale okay together. The jl one looks a little fatter. The rlc release of this one is a jewel.

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