Lamley Daily : Hobby Japan Honda NSX 1990

Model: Honda NSX NA1 (1990) in Grand Prix White

Release: Hobby Japan NSX (220-800)

eBay link: Hobby Japan NSX

Why I am featuring it: Cause it’s a NSX of course.

I’m in a NSX mood. In fact, I’m ready for 2021. Let’s end this shit 2020 year, and see 2021 quickly. And as I predict, it will be the year of the NSX.

This 90’s car is for sure a car that has been growing on me through the years (in fact, I thought it was ugly as a kid), but eh, I changed my mind. It’s a damn cool supercar, with pure lines.

The Hobby Japan replica is the first NSX, from 1990. It’s not in Championship white but in Grand Prix white, which is less creamed. I like it to be stock, and while Inno64’s replica is amazing with a full detailed interior and engine, the Hobby Japan remains very discreet with an all black interior. Once displayed, who cares, but you know, all is about details … Let’s add that Tomica Limited Vintage Honda NSX model is scheduled for February, with an opening engine bay. I’m impatient to see their approach of the NSX. Anyway, you have 3 interpretations of the NSX with 3 different model makers, and 3 levels of details.

The Hobby Japan livery is really interesting cause it is pure stock, and as always very neat (taillights, exhausts …), but quite strict and not very funny. You know I love them anyway, and I suggest you to have one in hand to make your mind.

See you soon for other Hobby Japan reviews.



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  1. 2021 will indeed be the year of the NSX. I just reserved a silver TLV 1990 NSX. This original design of the NSX is a ‘90s classic and will stand the test of time.

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