The colorful NSX-R NA2 by Inno64

2019 was the year of the Civic. 2020 the year of the R32, 190 Evo and a bit of Lancer Evo. 2021 will be the year of the NSX. And I mean from all manufacturers. Inno64 tooled up the NSX in this type R NA2 version, and also the R-GT. Hobby Japan tooled the first NSX from 1990, and we know the NA2 and R-GT are coming. Just recently, Tomica Limited Vintage announced the NSX too for February. Oh, and I forgot Ignition Model with tuned versions.

All these announces are very welcome for me, because I had such a lack in the collection about the NSX that I’m happy to grab what I like. I am just a bit disappointed that all is arriving at the same time, because there are so many cool cars that wait to be tooled. But, let’s be patient. I prefer to have choice than being a collector in the 90’s. And I started collecting in the 90’s, as a kid, willing to have all the other kids did not want, and what simply did not exist yet. Believe me, I’m catching up 🙂

Back to the NA2. THOSE COLORS !!! They were instant faves in the previews on the Facebook page of the brand, and I believe the colors that collectors chose. They were asked for. The Imola orange is indeed a great choice. And what a great paint job. The paint is clear, kind of metallic just what it needs. The white rims combo is a joy. A pure joy.

I had already featured the NA2 in white here, and I did a wheel swap for the BBS like rims. I also already announced that the amount of details was incredible for the scale, and the price (which includes the extra wheels set by the way). The details are particularly amazing in the interior, with the red seats, the dashboard with gear box and the ultra detailed engine. I think those details are multiplied with this color combo. NSX can be found on eBay.

The Rio Pearl yellow is also amazing, but I prefer the Imola orange. Both come with extra wheels set that I won’t use, because I love the Honda white rims. In my opinion, it is the best combo you can find for the NA2. And I want to add that the base has a very cool design too.

Inno was kind enough to also send me the new color of the NSX R-GT (already featured here in Spoon livery). According to Honda files, only 5 NSX R-GT were made for approval, and this red one is the first “plain color” to come. It’s a Hong Kong Exclusive model, and it also comes with an extra wheel set. I keep those stock on, cause I love it like that. It’s a very solid piece I highly suggest you to get in your collection, if you prefer standard liveries like this better than Spoon decos.

I hope to see more colors to come in a while, and if I am correct, red, blue and green are scheduled for the NA2. Count me in.



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