Auto World on the Farm

Yes, it is another Auto World Squarebody Pickup to collect in 2020. This one comes to you from B & B Farm Toys.

This is one that I missed in my original AW Squarebody article that I wrote a short while ago, and I think that it flew under the radar for a lot of Auto World collectors.

If you are not familiar with B & B Farm Toys (as I was not), they fill an interesting niche in 1/64 diecast collecting. As their name suggests, they specialize in farm-related replicas such as tractors, trucks, and harvesting equipment. B & B graciously sent me these to share here and on my YouTube channel.

Of course Chevy truck goes perfectly with what they offer, and what better brand to partner with than Auto World.

So let’s check out both these trucks and their respective Ultra Red chases…. Yes, they both have their own chases and that is two more Ultra Reds to add to the collection hehehe.

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