Lamley Daily: Kyosho Firebird

Model: Pontiac Firebird

Release: Kyosho USA Sportscars Collection 1

Ebay Link: Kyosho Firebird

Why I am featuring it: Well for one it is a Firebird and I collect them. Second it is an American car made in 1/64 by Kyosho. Kyosho did not put out many American cars in 1/64 scale. They did however have two full releases of American cars and they are pretty rad. This casting was put out in three colors. The two not shown here are red and yellow. This one with the classic Smokey and the Bandit look is by far the best of the three. It also tends to be the most pricey on eBay.

The casting is pretty nice and has a lot of details. Something about it bugs me a little and I think it is how big the tires look. They kind of make the car sit a little higher off of the ground than it should. Anyway it is worth adding to your collection if you are a collector of Pontiacs. So far I don’t think any diecast company has produced a perfect 1977/1978 style bird in 1/64 scale…this might be the best available so far.

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  1. beautiful pictures! what do you think about the hot wheels fast and furious release? do they really have larger rear wheels like that?

  2. If Auto World made a ‘77-‘78 model, it would give Kyosho a real run for it’s money. And a metal base to boot. The headlights are off a tad but still a nice car.

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