My last parcel from Japan Booster, with the amazing Prince Clipper

It’s happening every 2 to 3 months. And it Christmas each time. I order on Japan Booster (and I try to “make it worth it” with the free shipping via DHL, minus potential custom fees) the latest Tomica Limited Vintage I don’t want to miss, plus some more old ones I want to complete my collection.

Note : the 3 Hobby Japan in the back are not from Japan Booster

The Tomica Limited Vintage collection (let’s say TLV) is now exactly 170 vehicles, plus one Nissan Atlas. It’s big and not big, I take what I like, and what I can. I can’t afford everything, as I’m deeply collecting other brands too like AutoWorld, Inno64, Tarmac Works or Mini GT, plus other scales (with Spark models). So, the collection grows slowly but surely, and I don’t know what will happen when the 200 models will be reached, cause it means the end of space in their dedicated displays.

Back to the parcel, with 10 models from very last batch to oldies. I must say (and you will probably see it in John’s video) that the silver Evo VI might – might – be on my top 5 TLV of all time. The Galant GTO is amazing too (my first one). But the one I want to focus on today is this little grey truck : the Prince Clipper.

It is a little too good to ignore, and it deserves it’s little article. It’s an old TLV ref (n°13 a), from 2005. Japan Booster offers some old TLV for decent price, and this one was part of it (I paid less than €20 for it).

It is my first foray into the little TLV trucks, because I always prefer the cars to collect, and I was afraid it doesn’t fit into my display. But it does. First good news. Second, the truck is amazing. I shouldn’t have waited so long. The light grey color is too cool, the dumpster too, the removable cover is nice too. And it has smooth and so damn pleasant suspensions !!! And it is from 2005 !!

So, my advice is don’t hesitate to try more “obscure” vehicles in the TLV collection, and this one is a good one. Be sure it won’t be alone very long in the display.



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