Lamley Daily: Taccar Subaru Legacy

Model: Subaru Legacy

Release: Targa Taccar

Link: Find this and other Targa Taccar releases on Ebay

Why I am featuring it: Well I am featuring it because it is at least to me obscure. I had never heard of the Targa brand before this car entered my collection. From the limited information I found the brand was based in Japan and I don’t think that they are currently producing models. Searching on eBay, I see that they made a few different models that might be worth checking out. They seem to be of decent quality. They have rubber tires and inserts for headlights and tail lights. They also have some opening features. This one sports an opening hood. My only gripe with this model is that the hood line has a little too much of a gap for 1/64 scale. Other than that it is an interesting model that I cannot see parting with anytime soon.

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