Lamley Single File: Siku KTM Xbow

Despite my strong Euro love, I don’t have many Siku cars in my collection. I have a few of their classics in my custom “to do” pile and a couple of Greek emergency vehicles picked up as souvenirs. There’s no reason for that other than I have never really seen a lot of their stuff in the UK and I’m only just getting to know their range a little more, and I wanted to get one in my hand to see up close. So on this visit to Greece, I picked up a Lanz Bulldog tractor (more on that one in the future) and this KTM X-Bow.

It’s the only X-Bow replicated in 3 inch size, so it was the stand out model of a rack of Sikus in a small toy shop, and I’m rather impressed.

Despite a heavily plastic construction, it’s a smart little thing, and the use of plastic has an upside: it’s cheaper to replicate small details in plastic rather than metal, and this means the complex body panels have been faithfully molded, side mirrors are present and there’s a cool touch of a KTM orange clad driver hunkered down inside.

Pardon the dust, it’s the height of summer in Greece!

Wheels are a strong point on Sikus. Some of their diecast have removable wheels, and they have some decent designs in the line-up and this is proof. The 5 spokes work great and are shod with tyres that have actual tread. Very cool.

This is a first dive for me into the modern Siku range, and after seeing this X-Bow, I’m keen to add them my remit here in Euro corner. I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for more of their stuff for sure.

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  1. This is not an add but I get Sikus from Sikudirect mail order. Some Sikus are too toy-like but their Audi RS5 Racing in black is great.

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