Inno64 new model : Toyota Altezza RS200 Tuned by TRD

Here is an original model, by our Macau diecast nerds aka Inno64. The Toyota Altezza RS 200 is a favorite casting of the brand, and we should see it many times in various liveries.

TRD Racing Development is a racing department of Toyota. For example, TRD USA is specialized in the preparation of racing cars like Nascar Xfinity or Cup Series (for Toyota Camry).

This TRD version is my third Altezza. I own a very cool Macau race version and a street Japan special edition blue I absolutely adore. The 3 models are totally different, and I like how Inno64 is able to deliver various declination of the same car. You can find some on eBay here.

The car itself is very low, the white wheels are top, such as the red brake calipers behind. Details details details ! The carbon hood bonnet is already applied. The decoration of a model like this must be a real headache for the manufacturer, because of the angle of the TRD logos. Moreover, the lateral Racing Development inscription is applied on the car body and on the glasses. The result is very satisfying, even if, in my opinion, it is more convincing on the Mercedes-Benz 190E DTM.

Here is a photo of the real car :

All in all, I absolutely wanted this TRD in my collection, and once again it is very cool to display it on the base whose colors are matching the car.

Enjoy the pics! Cheers.


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  1. I was just thinking yesterday, now that Hot Wheels has the Toyota license again, and JDM being so hot, they should do the Altezza. Something much more stock than the 2003 Tooned casting.

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