Lamley Daily: Matchbox Chevy Van

Model: Chevy Van

Release: Matchbox Superfast 2009 / 40th Anniversary

eBay link: Matchbox Superfast Chevy Van

Why I am featuring it: I mentioned in my recent NASCAR Convoy post that the Matchbox Chevy Vans that come with some of those old Team Convoy releases are collectible in their own right. Those custom-style vans are all based on the original MB068 casting, which dates back to the classic orange Lesney release from 1979 (below). But the modern incarnation – MB709, first seen in 2007 – is just as nice.

2020-08-18 19.58.16

2020-08-18 20.00.26

This red one is from the 2009 Superfast line. Maybe it’s just me but the Superfast models from that year seem to be harder to find than the preceding years’. I think they may have been Walmart-only but I’m sure somebody can confirm in the comments below. There were certainly fewer of them, just 20 different models, of which I only have a couple. Some, like the Civic Type-R and the Stepside, command decent money.

2020-08-12 11.33.50

There’s something great about the packaging, too, which was blister-free. Instead the model and trademark ‘Matchbox’ came in clear boxes with the car on top of the attractive box art commemorating the 40th anniversary of Superfast.

2020-08-12 11.39.42

I picked this one up earlier this year from a friend on IG (thanks Jeff!). It might be my favourite of the half-dozen issues I own, although I have a soft spot for the SpongeBob one! Note that the Chevy Van was used again for the 50th Anniversary Superfast series, as a five-pack model in gold.

To finish, here are a few of the older and newer Chevy Vans from my collection.

2020-08-18 20.01.50

(find Matchbox Chevy Van on eBay)

(find Matchbox 40th Anniversary Superfast on eBay)

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