Single File : CM’S Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4

This series was introduced by ChampionDJK, and the rule is simple : the vehicle featured must be a licensed model that is done in 1/64 scale by only one brand.

What ? You’re so wrong ! This 90’s very popular car was released many times ! Majorette, Matchbox, Corgi, Welly, Mira, Guisval … you name it. But they all replicated the hatchback. In fact, Yatming did replicate the Ford Sierra in the sedan form, and was the closest to the CM’s version. And, it is not clear if they replicated the Sierra or the Scorpio (or both at the time who knows). Moreover, CM’s version is the Cosworth 4×4 version ! So I’m good. Next.

Defunct CM’s brand produced little jewels back in time, and as I always say, put the basis of the new premium brands of today.

I am a big fan of the Cosworth thing, and I hope my European friends will agree with me. It is believed to be the supercar of the working class.

I just can’t get enough of this car. I don’t know why, but I can’t.

I can only hope that the guys at Tarmac Works or Inno64 go for it, as the Sierra had some great times in the Macau race. I could die for a Cosworth street version.

The CM’s version is a one off, and was part of a Ford collection. It is good, even if I have the feeling that the version is a mix of a Portuguese version and a Monte-Carlo version, even if it is called a Monte-Carlo version. I’m saying that because of the stance and the wheels. CM’s also tooled the hatchback version, which I strangely don’t own.

It is very uncommon in the diecast world, and the deco is very French. Carglass is a windshield dealer, Reims is a city in the very east of France and the Monte-Carlo, well, takes place between Monaco and the south of France.

So it isn’t the best CM’s ever, but it is unique among the brand itself, and in the 1/64 world.

Some can be found on eBay for good prices from time to time, have a look.

Thank you, and see you soon. Cheers.


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  1. Man I love Sierra Cossie sedans. Indeed it’s a working class supercar slayer. I just hope with the Escort Cosworth release recently, Greenlight will try to bring the Sierra as well.

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