The top 5 RWB Porsche of my collection

Surprised eh ? Since my “Are we hitting RWB and LB Works overload?” article, I wanted to clarify once again my collector philosophy, and make sure I am not misjudged. This open question of my last RWB article was a state of mind, and it is still the same today. I’ve read lots and lots of positive comments about it (that I really thank you for), and I am very pleased to see that I am not the only one to think that way. Among positive and interesting comments from readers and friends, I’ve seen, randomly and not quoted literally : “There is not only kitted Porsche in the world”, or “RWB minicars are cool, but think also about RUF”, or even “sometimes a good old classic Porsche is as cool as a RWB or LB”. You’re totally right. And if my voice here as a Lamley contributor can make things evolve in any way or tiny percentage, then I will be the most happy collector.

That being said, my goal today with this article is to demonstrate I love anyway the cars I buy, RWB included. I surely love some existing RWB castings and probably will love some more to come. This article is also a way to illustrate my collector approach, with my constant rule of keeping collection under control, watch space issues and try to avoid having multiple castings of the same car. I have many friends on the contrary that love to compare the same casting from many brands, and I totally respect that. My approach as a collector is too keep the best.

That leads us to my top 5 RWB Porsche castings. This top 5 will surely evolve through time, but at the moment, with what I own, that’s my top 5. So I’ve decided to shoot them all together, and why not associate the MINI GT Mercedes-Benz Actros with car carrier trailer to the game ? It’s a good way to decorate, and let’s be honest, play a little with it (you can find some here on eBay).

All cars are unloaded, let’s begin.

#5 is the white Kamiwaza, that I love by it’s simplicity, and the wheels treatment.

#4 is the Garuda in gold. The most recent return of the good old 930 casting. Love the color, and the spoiler RAUH-Welt matching it.

#3 is surprisingly the mat purple Tarmac Works Rotana. I say surprisingly because I’m not fond of the lines of the TW 993, that I find a little off specially in the rear window (even if the global aspect of the car is fine). But there is something matching very well with this Rotana, I don’t know if it’s the endless rear wing, or the mat color, of the wheels, but I sure love it.

#2 is a MCE model, called “rsnugurs”. Made of resin, I’ve showcased it from my parcel from AGToycars. I surely love the plain exhaust, and the absence of rear bumper, which represents for me what a 993 RWB looks like the best.

#1 is another MCE 993 RWB NAGINATA. It’s made of resin, and I just love the 993 in red. Love the wheels not totally black too. So this one is number one, no doubt for now.

This top 5 is surely devoted to evolve, and is a photography of my RWB collection favorites at this precise moment. Please note I don’t own any Fuelme models, neither the Stella Artois Tarmac Works – sadly.

But who knows, where the collection will evolve in the next months, years … I’m sure we will be speaking RWB soon again. Cheers !


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