Opening the best of the Hot Wheels M Case, and adding the Ford Galaxie Super to the collection

Looks like me might be getting back into the swing of things with Hot Wheels Basic. Several mixes have been showing up in stores, and the 2020 M Case is on its way. Wheel Collectors will have them soon. There are some cool models in this mix, highlighted by some nice stock New Models and, at least to me, a really nice Super Treasure Hunt.

The ’65 Ford Galaxie is the Super, marking the debut of the slightly-modified-for-basic of the casting after being premium for 10 years. This casting has always been an underrated Jun Imai creation, so I gathered all of the previous releases for this video as well.

I’m still shooting entirely in my backyard and garage while I revamp my office space. No complaints on my end considering the weather has been nice.


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  1. I found the M case a few weeks ago and the highlight for me is without a doubt the Mazda Savanna. They did such a great job on this casting! Getting the proportions just right and keeping it stock and clean with only the requisite front and rear deco. Red was also the perfect choice for the debut color. I’m not as big into American muscle, but the ’84 Firebird is another highlight for me. Such an iconic car of that era. Once again, they’ve kept it stock and clean in the signature red and black color scheme. The Lamborghini Urus (‘oo-roo-ss’ not ‘your-oh-ss’) is another model that came home with me. I certainly prefer sports cars to SUVs/crossovers, but I’m still glad HW did this one. It does however look both chunkier and a more smooshed when compared with the concept version. It may grow on me more with time. I will say I am very glad they took the extra step of painting in the body-colored sections of the grill.

    Also added to the collection; Tesla Model 3, Sandblaster, dark chrome Batmobile.

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