Lamley Daily: Hot Wheels Tokyo Custom Car Show 70’s Van

Model: Hot Wheels ’70s Van/Super Van

Release: 2004 Official Hot Wheels Custom Car Show Tokyo, Japan

Ebay Link: Hot Wheels 70s Van Flying Customs

Why I am featuring it:

Vans were my first love when I started collecting Hot Wheels wholeheartedly back in 2014. I wanted to go after all of the vans that Hot Wheels had to offer and my favorite van casting was the Hot Wheels Super Van. This casting has a long history beginning back in 1975. In fact, this Tokyo version is an homage to the 1975 New York Toy Fair version which has a similar deco. The Super Van has had multiple releases both vintage and current. The vintage versions range from 1975 to 1985 and some of them are very difficult to find and also very expensive.

It was retooled in 2003 and since has had several premium releases. This is one of the more difficult ones to get a hold of. It is limited to only 2000 pieces. At the time that I acquired it (approx 3 years or so ago), it was fairly easily found on eBay and usually sold for around $90. I was lucky enough to be able to trade for it and I am glad I got it when I did. They can be pretty tough to get one at a good price these days but if your patient and watch them on eBay you might be able to score a deal.

I am generally a loose collector that does not hesitate to open almost anything that is going to stay in the collection but for some reason this one lasted a long time on card.

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