Hot off the Pegs: Monster Jam Playset, HWs Super Rigs, Jada Hero Patrol, M2s, RMZ City, HWs Fast & Furious Box and More

There’s nothing more frustrating than hitting your favorite Wal-Mart or Target and coming up empty handed…but this past weekend was not one of those instances. I stopped by a couple of my normal local spots, and was able to score some new finds and great deals at that. Here’s what I came home with…

Stop 1: Target

I can usually find something new at local Target stores. Whether it’s a new mainline Hot Wheels or the latest wave of NASCARs, I almost always find a car to take home. This time I really scored as I found some awesome clearance items.

The first thing I spotted was this Spin Master Grave Digger Grim Take Down Playset. I’ve had my eye on it for some time now, because it comes with an exclusive Grave Digger with purple tires. The original price was $29.99, but this was 70% off! I brought it home for less than $9. I also found the Sparkle Smash and Cyclops trucks.

Although I scored with the Digger playset, I found a rare Hot Wheels gem just a few spots over: the Target exclusive Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Bigfoot #9 — which has been impossible to find. I actually found more of the infamous Bigfoot #8s than I had the #9, as this was my first spotting of the Firestone Bigfoot out in the wild. I also Grabbed a Haul Y’all and Hot Wheels Racing truck.

As I wandered further down isle I found a trio of new Hot Wheels Super Rigs: a Tiger Shark Haulin’ Horsepower, Tooned Up, and a Fossil Freight. I’m going to be doing a longer post on these three, so I’ll save the details for that one.

This isle just kept giving, as I also found a pair of Matchbox Superfast Crown Vics too. I hadn’t seen these in person, so I was excited to score one to open and one to keep carded.

On the way out of the isle I spotted a 2020 NASCAR Bubba Wallace car I was missing. As a long time Petty fan, I hardly ever turn down a 43 car…and this one is extra special. The livery is in tribute to Adam Petty, Kyle’s son and Richard’s grandson, who passed away in a crash in 2000. Adam ran a similar scheme and this one promotes The Victory Junction Gang, a camp founded in memory of Adam.

As I was walking to meet my wife at a different part of the store, I walked passed the toddler toy isle, the one that has the Pixar Cars in it. What made me stop was one of the Jada Hero Patrol cars I was missing was sitting on a shelf. It turns out that Target keeps these cars in the Pixar isle rather than the Hot Wheels isle…which would explain why I could never find them ha. I found another Mustang and both versions of the Silverado.

My last Target finds were some mainline Hot Wheels and Matchbox, and a lone Decades Camaro.

Buy these Target finds:

Spin Master Monster Jam Grave Digger Grim playset

2020 Spin Master Monster Trucks

Hot Wheels Bigfoot #9 Target exclusive

2020 Hot Wheels Super Rigs

Matchbox Superfast Series

Jada Hero Patrol lights and sounds

The Target stop was super successful, but I had more errands to run, so off to Wal-Mart it was.

Stop 2 and 3: Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby

(I’m combining the last two stops as one of them was fairly small in the haul department)

The second stop was an area Wal-Mart. While Wal-Mart wasn’t as bountiful as Target, I did walk away with some good finds. The first being some new Top Gun Matchbox Skybusters. I found two of the next three planes, with the missing one being 6/15, the P51 Mustang. I found the top three Skybusters at Target, but forgot to separate them for the photo.

The top three were Target finds, and for some reason they were on clearance too. Marked down to $2.09 from $2.99

The next find was one I had been looking forward to for a while – the Fast & Furious Premium box set. A buddy of mine actaully snagged the box for me at the same local store a day earlier, and I found another F&F 5-pack. I’m excited to do an unboxing and check out that Supra!

My next WM finds aren’t your typical collector fare, but I love them both. They are Adventure Force Big Rigs. Adventure Force is an in-house Wal-Mart brand that makes vehicles, playsets, Nerf-style guns and more. I really liked the size and look of these trucks, and am VERY excited to open the milk truck as it actually holds and dispenses liquid from the tank. How cool is that?

My next finds combine some Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby scores. They are an M2 Hurst branded ’69 Daytona (Wal-Mart exclusive), a 1970 Nissan Z Model Kit, and two awesome Gassers. The Nissan Z came home with me due to its stellar paint scheme (gloss gray over an orange interior), and the ’57 Chevy and ’67 Nova gassers were no-brainers. I posted the unboxing and review of those two yesterday, and you can see the post by clicking here.

The next find was a surprise, and was found in the licensed garage/automotive sign section at Hobby Lobby. It’s an awesome Hot Wheels Stunt Zone metal sign. It’s a vintage-looking street sign and measures about two feet long. Signs were 50% off at Hobby Lobby last week, so I was able to take them home for around $9 a piece.

Buy these Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby finds:

Matchbox Top Gun series

2020 Matchbox Skybusters

M2 Machines Gassers

Hot Wheels Fast & Furious Box Set

Adventure Force Big Rigs

Hot Wheels metal Stunt Zone sign


I ordered this RMZ city 2018 Aston Martin Vantage from Hong Kong back in May, and it just arrived this past week — over 100 days later. THANKS CORONA. I’m looking forward to unboxing and shooting the Aston as well.

Watch the store finds video:

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  1. Are those Jadas the same casting as the Majorette light and sound models? They seem remarkably similar.

    1. Good catch – I believe they are the same. I’ve never seen those Majorette SOS Flasher cars before as we don’t have them here in the States (as far as I know), but they do appear to be the same cars. It’s cool to see Majorette is still sneaking into toy aisles – the last time I saw an actual Majorette branded product was at Toys R Us before they closed down.

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