Lamley Studio: Hot Wheels Subaru Impreza 22B STi Zamac

The 22B will surely be a top contender for Best New Basic Hot Wheels Model in 2020. Hot Wheels doing Subaru legend was a no-brainer, and the excitement surrounding its release was not a surprise at all. Especially with the way it was executed by Ryu Asada and the Design Team.

The surprise was the Zamac. After the signature blue and recolor in red, a third version was most welcome. That it was a Zamac, and one with no side deco and full front and rear details, made it a must. And now that I have a couple in my possession, I think it is easy to say this Walmart Zamac release is easily one of the best models of 2020.

Plain Zamacs always are. There is something about the model looking as realistic as possible with the front and rear detailing, but with a completely raw body. Not a common site on the roads, but one that works really well in the Hot Wheels world. There have been quite a few, and they always stand out. Porsches, Demon, Ferrari F12, the Chiron, now the 22B. And it may be the best of them all.

This post is here mainly because I was photographing some other models for an upcoming feature, and this was lying nearby. I definitely needed some photos. It is too cool not to photograph. So I took some photos, and now I am up past my bedtime trying to write about why this model is so cool, when I should just show the photos.

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