Model: The Rickmobile

Line: Earth C-137 Rickmobile Tour Bus exclusive

Where to get it: Either you had to be lucky enough to get one off the Rickmobile when it was touring, or you can buy one right now on eBay.

Why it’s in my collection: Because Rick and Morty! Really though – how could you pass up a diecast Ford Transit van that is designed to resemble the giant, drunk, lunatic of a cartoon character hanging on to it? AND IT’S REAL! Yes, I bought the diecast model out of a full-sized version of the exact truck that toured around the country selling Rick and Morty promotional items. It was such an awesome experience, especially if you are a R+M fan…if you weren’t a fan, then you were probably wondering what all the weird people were doing around a giant truck made up to look like a cartoon version of a mad scientist. It was a wild day not even an episode of Morty’s mind-blowers couldn’t erase.

The REAL Rickmobile as it stopped in Dayton, Ohio. It was even more hilarious looking in person.
The Rickmobile is based on a heavily modified Ford Transit van. The sides open up food-truck style and Adult Swim employees sell Rick and Morty merch out of it. Fans take pictures with it, mostly from the head side.

I couldn’t help but get out the Funko Rick and Morty action figures and do a few photos with them. “MORTY!!? You shrunk our van you tiny idiot!” – Rick probably.

Morty – “Oh jeez Rick I think we have a problem with the van”
Rick – “Morty…WHAT?!?”
Rick – “AGAGHAGSAGAHGAH Morty does your tiny human brain know how hard this is going to be to fix?!!?”

As you can see they did an excellent job recreating Rick’s hair for the card art.

The actual van itself is a mini masterpiece. They manage to catch all of Rick’s…ah….good sides and put them in diecast form. The body, the actual “Rick” part, is metal and has good weight to it. The chassis is plastic and the wheels are tiny, but it does roll. They roll, but not well though, so we’ll call them Jerry wheels.

Whoever designed this made it look very close to the actual Rickmobile. Nicely done.

Imagine driving down the road and seeing this view in your mirror. Definitely photo worthy.

While the real van is obviously a Ford, neither the car itself or the package have any manufacturer marks on it. Chassis is void of them as well.

The Rickmobile’s Rickmobile is really one-of-a-kind when it comes to styling. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s a good or a bad thing.

Rick – “Morty you are carrying that thing and be glad I don’t suggest you carry it like those Mega seeds we smuggled”
Morty – “Oh jeez Rick okay gosh”
Morty – “Ohhhh mannnnnnn”

Annnnd awaaaay we goooo! 🏁

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  1. Hahahaha! You have no idea how I started reading those dialogues you wrote in both their voices.

    And LOL at “Jerry wheels”. I see what you did there. XD

    1. hahaha I’m glad someone picked up on the “Jerry wheels” comment LOL. I had fun writing those captions bc I read them in my head as Rick and Morty voices too ha.

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